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400 Years After Shakespeare’s Death, He Will Dominate 2016

A mock funeral and a cocktail recipe book are among the things that will mark the anniversary of William Shakespeare's death.

If you like Shakespeare, you’re going to love 2016. Next year marks the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and theater companies and literary organizations are going all—out to mark the occasion.

The frenzy of Shakespeare-related events and publications are about celebrating the Bard, of course, but they’re also about capitalizing on a “once in a 400-year marketing opportunity,” as The Wall Street Journal puts it.

shakespeare folio
Photo: Courtesy of Folger Shakespeare Library, via The Wall Street Journal

To give us all an idea of just how much Shakespeare-themed madness is in store for 2016, The Wall Street Journal put together an excellent article on all of the upcoming fun. Here are a few of the 2016 Shakespeare highlights:

  • A jazz mock-funeral for Shakespeare in New Orleans
  • A #Shakespeare400 hashtag (because every event needs a good hashtag)
  • The publication of a cocktail recipe book called Shakespeare, Not Stirred
  • A Chicago Shakespeare Theater production of “Tug of War,” a new drama that condenses six of Shakespeare’s history plays into one
  • A world tour for Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London, which plans to take Hamlet to every single country in the entire world (they even have a performance scheduled in a Jordan refugee camp)
  • The publication of Shakespeare play novelizations from authors like Gillian Flynn and Margaret Atwood

This list barely scratches the surface, so head over to The Wall Street Journal to see the full article—and get ready for 2016: the Year of Shakespeare.

Published on 30 Dec 2015

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