9 Reasons to Follow Author Sherman Alexie on Twitter

    He is funnier than you. Accept it.

    Best-selling author, poet, and Twitter god Sherman Alexie is the highlight of our Twitter feeds here at Early Bird Books. And he should be the star of yours, too. Witty rejoinders, commentary on the news of the day, and pithy remarks on pop culture will make you laugh, think, and lose 15 pounds.

    Well, maybe not that last part, but here are nine foolproof arguments for why you should follow the War Dances and Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian author on Twitter.

    He’s always honest with us:


    And himself:

    Nope. The seventh time’s a charm. #merylstreepforpresident


    He keeps us updated on the state of his soul:


    He’s full of great ideas:


    And advice:

    We’re fairly sure everything sounds psychopathic when whispered . . .


    He’s very up to date on pop culture:

    (And for the record, we would watch the hell out of these.)

    A $500 million franchise in the making.


    And he never backs down from talking about race as a Native American author:


    He asks all the important questions:


    And he keeps us up to date on the literary life:

    And we’ll play them for you. Just keep writing. And tweeting. Never change, Sherman Alexie. Never change.

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