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10 Times You and Ramona Quimby Were Totally the Same Person

Because 100 would have been overboard, right?

We may be all grown up now, but a certain character from childhood still has our hearts. We’re about Ramona Quimby, the quirky, pesky, messy, clumsy, merry, huffy, all-around awesome-sauce character who gives zero you-know-whats and made fumbling through childhood an absolute delight.

Originally a bit player—or in literary terms, the deuteragonist—in the sagas of Henry Huggins and older sister Beezus Quimby, Ramona got the spotlight in 1968, when acclaimed author Beverly Cleary featured her in her very own series, which includes Ramona and Her Father and Ramona Quimby, Age 8, both named Newbery Honor Books.

In true Ramona fashion, we’re seizing the day and celebrating the character who helped us navigate the follies of being a kid and helped paved the way for modern-day feminism. And what better way to do that than with a Ramona-moment shout-out listicle?

Herewith, 10 ways you, we, and Ramona were totally the same person:

beverly cleary

That time you told your daughter’s tatted-up boyfriend to meet her at the corner of 37th and Klickitat Street.

That time no one took you seriously, so you took to Twitter with an all-caps rant: NO 1 UNDERSTANDS ME!

That time you didn’t bother transitioning from pajamas to business casual and tucked your nightshirt into your trousers. Then got called out. In front of everyone.

That time you weren’t sure if your boss liked you, so you sent her a Face Swap pic. And she was mortified.

That time Apple Pay didn’t work and you actually had to revisit cursive. So you just drew a Q with whiskers.

beverly cleary

That time you introduced yourself as so-and-so, age 40.

That time your cube mate poked fun at your Feminist Ryan Gosling novella and you called him a Yard Ape.

That time you called Donald Trump a blowhard and thought it meant something else.

That time you said you couldn’t go out because you had some Sustained Silent Reading to do.

That time that silver fox from sales hit you up on Facebook and you danced like no one was watching. Except someone was.


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Published on 20 Apr 2017

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