Election 2016: Your Candidate Reading List

    What book should you read, depending on your candidate of choice?

    Are you feeling the Bern? Are you a toupe-lovin’ Trump fanatic? We’ve matched the books you love with the candidates you love—or at least tolerate enough to vote for when the time comes. Whether you’re a passionate or a reluctant lesser-of-evils type of follower, who you’re backing may just say a lot about your reading habits.

    Check out our candidate reading list, a selection of recommended books based on your favored candidate:

    Bernie Sanders

    You’re an optimist. You think the world can and will be better if we roll up our sleeves and put in the effort. You’re probably passionate about social justice and favor the underdog.

    Friendly Fascism

    Friendly Fascism, by Bertram Gross

    This book about the dangers of runaway capitalism will appeal to Bernie fans who identify with the 99% and despair at the growing gap between the haves and have-nots.

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    The Jungle

    The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair

    The timeless classic about unjust systems and gentle socialism. If you didn’t read this tragic narrative during school and you’re one of the millions of young people hoping Bernie takes the White House, this book is right up your alley.

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    Protest at Selma

    Protest at Selma, by David Garrow

    If you watch the news, you’ve probably discovered that Senator Sanders is a longtime champion of Civil Rights. To read more about the movement that had your favorite candidate leading sit-ins, check out David Garrow’s striking prose and detailed research.

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    Donald Trump

    So you’re a fan of the Donald. Odds are you like the same things as your favorite bombastic businessman. You like dealing with people who are upfront and candid. You’ve probably assumed the candidates are all horrible people, Trump’s just the only one being honest about it. You’re a fan of free enterprise and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

    Cash McCall

    Cash McCall, by Cameron Hawley

    This fun and dramatic book focuses on the enigmatic Cash McCall, a businessman’s businessman known for making great deals and his ruthless effectiveness. As a fan of Trump’s business savvy, you’ll love a novel that shows the drama and the thrill of playing the corporate game.

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    The Story of American Golf

    The Story of American Golf, by Herbert Warren Wind

    If you’re a real Trump fan, you know where he makes his real money: golf courses. Imagine you’re playing a round with everyone’s favorite orange potato face on one of his luxurious courses and relive the greatest moments in golf.

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    The Power of Positive Living

    The Power of Positive Living, by Norman Vincent Peale

    The Trumpster is such a big fan of Norman Vincent Peale, he got him to preside over his wedding to Ivana Trump. Find out what got Trump so excited with Peale’s inspiring book on the power of thinking and living with positivity.

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    Hillary Clinton

    You’re both an idealist and a pragmatist. You know the world needs to change and you’ve got concrete ideas on how to change it. You like your candidates gutsy and indefatigable and you’re not afraid of a little girl power.

    Revolution from Within

    Revolution from Within, by Gloria Steinem

    A guide book to becoming and staying a strong independent woman. For Hilary fans that know their issues, but also know that it’s way past time for a female commander-in-chief.

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    The Hillary Effect

    The Hillary Effect, by Taylor Marsh

    If you’re a hard core Hillary fan, you probably were rooting for her last go around. The Hillary Effect dissects the media coverage, successful primary run, and ultimate loss of the first major female candidate in US History.

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    You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

    You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down, by Alice Walker

    You’re a fan of the underdog, so this collection of short stories about ladies rising up against all odds will inspire you to keep rooting for the former Senator through all the ups and downs of the primary season.

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    Ted Cruz

    You’re big on tradition, family values, and probably Texan barbeque. Your favored son is a jack of all trades politician from Texas, so you’re probably a no-nonsense straight shooter who believes in hard work.

    Lone Star

    Lone Star, by T.R. Fehrenbach

    What better way to celebrate your favorite candidate than with a thrilling history of their home state? Lone Star details the history and rise of one of America’s most complex states.

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    The Hell Bent Kid

    The Hell Bent Kid, by Charles O. Locke

    An underdog story to go with Cruz’s surprise win in Iowa—if you like Ted Cruz, you probably love a good versus evil tale like this classic western.

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    TrumpNation, by Timothy O’Brien

    If you’re rooting for Cruz, you know his biggest obstacle to success is the popular and controversial Donald J. Trump. Read TrumpNation to get the dirt on Trump’s business failures and history of contentious rhetoric.

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    How to Survive the End of the World

    If none of these candidates please you and you’re sure America’s going to hell in a handbasket:

    How to Survive the End of the World, by HowStuffWorks

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