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8 Revealing Books About Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

Trump isn't the first president to stir up a storm of controversy.

By Olivia Mason

Mack Maloney’s 5 Favorite Military Thrillers

The author of Wingman series shares the books that have most inspired him.

By Mack Maloney

12 Books About Friendship in Adulthood

Books on friendship that pay tribute to the families we choose

By Olivia Mason

Adult Books for Fans of A Wrinkle in Time

Charlotte Jones Voiklis and Lena Roy discuss their grandmother's incredible adult novels.

By Renata Sweeney

11 Cozy Mystery Books Set in Bookstores

Bookstore-themed cozy mysteries for the literary super-sleuth.

By Greta Shull

What Would It Mean to Live Like Dorian Gray?

What would the world look like if no one aged?

By Bookstr

10 Mystery Books Starring Husband and Wife Detective Teams

These married detective duos said "I do" to solving murder mysteries.

By Olivia Mason

6 Necessary Fiction Books About World War I

The Great War not only affected the relationships between countries—it also left a mark on literature.

By Bookstr

10 Civil War Books That Inform and Entertain

These histories tell the story of the Civil War with literary flair.

By Stephen Lovely

Anthony Burgess and Four Other Authors Who Hate Their Books

These five authors turned on their critically acclaimed books.

By Bookstr

6 Genre-Bending Books by Stephen King

Nobody puts the "master of horror" in the corner.

By Jessica Ferri

Pearl Buck’s Historical Fiction Novels

Forbidden love. Feminism. East vs. West. Welcome to the World of Pearl S. Buck.

By Jessica Ferri

10 More Books to Read if You Like Game of Thrones

Because George R.R. Martin doesn't seem to be making much progress.

By Renata Sweeney

5 Mystery Novels About Baseball

Discover the dark side of America's favorite pastime.

By Grace Srinivasiah

13 Cozy Mysteries Set During World War II

Solving crimes in a time when the future itself was a mystery.

By Olivia Mason

Classic English Literature

Pick a book from this list, featuring the best and most memorable classic English literature.

By Bookstr

Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll,” 45 Years Later

Author Marge Piercy reflects on the changed state of women's lives since her poem was published in 1971

By Marge Piercy

20 Historical Fiction Books About Life During World War II

In these historical fiction reads, the effects of war go beyond the battlefield.

By DeAnna Janes

Books Like To Kill a Mockingbird

25 recommended reads for fans of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

By Bookstr

20 Books Like The Handmaid’s Tale

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

By Olivia Mason

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