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The Re-Read: Little Women

Were we too young to appreciate Alcott's classic novel?

By Molly Reiniger

9 Inspiring Female Coming of Age Stories

From Jane Austen to Julia Child, these inspiring stories prove that you are never too old to find yourself.

By Cailey Hall

10 Celtic Legends That Shamrock

Honor St. Paddy’s Day with fairy tales that celebrate the lush green lands misted in magic and wonder.

By DeAnna Janes

5 Early Female Irish Writers

Ireland was home to some of the most forward-thinking female writers.

By Cailey Hall

6 Contemporary Novels for Jane Austen Fans

When re-reading the six novels Austen wrote herself is not enough.

By Molly Reiniger

9 Best Thrillers with Strong Female Protagonists

Anti-heroines, real life spies, and more take on the thrilling and chilling missions.

By DeAnna Janes

7 Alternate History Books

How could changes in our past affect our present?

By The Reading Room

All The President’s Children: 6 YA Books About Being (or Dating) the First Kid

In honor of President’s Day, we present you with the trials and tribulations of fictional first kids.

By Molly Reiniger

Romance by the Book: For Saps and Cynics

Who needs candles and confections on Valentine’s Day when you’ve got a great novel?

By DeAnna Janes

The Ideal Marriage Reading List

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.

By Jessica Ferri

Ayn Rand: Behind the Controversy

Is the controversial work of Ayn Rand worth revisiting? You decide.

By Alison Currie

Writing the Trail of Tears: An Undisturbed Peace

An author's search for an accurate account of the Trail of Tears.

By Mary Glickman

6 Addictive Young Adult Historical Fiction Novels

Growing up in the past wasn't exactly easy—but it does make for interesting fiction.

By Molly Reiniger

5 Red Planet Reads for Fans of The Martian

As we await the fate of The Martian at the Oscars, enjoy these red-hot red planet reads.

By Andrew Liptak

5 Science Books More Compelling Than Fiction

These nonfiction science books are just as (if not more) compelling as your favorite novels.

By Alison Currie

6 Life-Changing Books Every Woman Should Read

Life's too short for boring books. Get inspired with these life-changing reads.

By Jessica Ferri

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