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20 Quotes From Your Favorite Poets

In honor of National Poetry Month, poets on poetry.

By The Reading Room

Sincerely Yours: 9 Best Literary Letters

Read between the lines in the letters of your favorite writers.

By Sierra Tavasolian

The Re-Read: Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is imperfect—and far more appealing for it.

By Cailey Hall

The Laborious Birth of Jane Eyre

Discover the story behind Jane Eyre in Juliet Barker's astounding biography, The Brontës.

By Jessica Ferri

7 Children’s Books Every Adult Should Read

Just because they’re for children doesn’t mean they’re not for adults.

By The Reading Room

The Re-Read: The Boxcar Children

Revisiting the classic children's series by Gertrude C. Warner on its 75th anniversary.

By Molly Reiniger

10 Top-Notch Works of Journalism

Get your knowledge on with these groundbreaking works of journalism.

By Greta Shull

Liminal Space: The Work of Nella Larsen

Get to know the brilliant and mysterious Nella Larsen.

By Sierra Tavasolian

5 Family Fictions to Give You the Feels

The drama in these novels is served family style.

By Sierra Tavasolian

Femme Fatale: 7 Novels by Female Crime Writers

These women smashed through the glass ceiling with their suspenseful crime novels.

By Jessica Ferri

10 Brainy Beach Reads

Just because you're checked out of the office doesn't mean you're checked out of great reading.

By Noomie Tiwutanond

9 Books for Tim Burton Fans

Get your (scissor)hands on these wonderfully weird reads.

By Jessica Ferri

How Marie Kondo Convinced Me to Stop Shopping

Are you secretly (or not so secretly) a hoarder? Marie Kondo's method is here to help.

By Molly Reiniger

8 Extraordinary Biographies About Strong Women

Flex your power muscle with these inspiring biographies.

By DeAnna Janes

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