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If you’re always looking for your next read, you’ve come to the right place. From new books to titles that deserve more recognition, we have book recommendations for everyone.

8 Essential Books for Your Yoga Journey

Author Kathryn E. Livingston shares her top picks for those beginning (or continuing) their practice.

by Kathryn E. Livingston

James Beard’s Stuffed Bread on the Grill

Fire up the coals for a couple of recipes from The Complete Book of Outdoor Cookery.

by Rachel Krupitsky

12 Best Darn Western Books of All Time

Lasso up these classics for your reading rodeo.

by Matthew Blackburn

10 Outrageously Funny Books for Boys

Pigs that drink coffee, aliens who eat planets—things are about to get crazy.

by Mary McAveney

10 Heart-Pounding Heroic Missions

A behind-the-scenes look at some of greatest battles in history and the heroes who led the way to victory.

by Molli Carlson

11 Literary Late Bloomers

These authors redefine the golden age.

by Renata Sweeney

James Gleick’s 5 Favorite Books

The acclaimed writer of Chaos shares a handful of nonfiction works that have inspired his own.

by James Gleick

10 Best Love Poems of All Time

When it comes to romance, the classics say it best.

by Early Bird Books Staff

10 Books Every College Grad Should Read

Kind of like a course curriculum. But for life.

by Molli Carlson

10 Famous Memoirs Everyone Should Read Once

It's time to get to cracking on the books on your to-be-read list. We're here to help you prioritize.

by Rachel Krupitsy

10 Essential Authors of Chicano Literature

The best in modern Mexican American literature.

by Laura De Silva

6 Lovers Better than Mr. Darcy

There is love beyond Pemberly, and the following heroes from these Euro romance novels prove it.

by Grace Srinivasiah

Short Story: “Food of the Gods,” by Simon R. Green

The British sci-fi author shares a dark delicacy with a twist you won't see coming.

by Staff

Sacramental Horror: Scaring the Hell out of People for 1,500 Years

Horror writer Jonathan Ryan shares how he uses his Christian faith to inspire, but not define, his writing.

by Jonathan Ryan

10 Best Memoirs That Will Change Your Outlook on Life

You can't help but see the world with a new perspective after reading these engrossing memoirs.

by Rachel Krupitsky

5 Awesome Books About Motherhood

Give Mom the gift of the written word, courtesy of Candice Bergman, Erma Bombeck, and others.

by Grace Srinivasiah

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