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5 Reasons to Love and Celebrate Ebooks

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We love all books, but there’s a special place in our hearts for ebooks and the ways they make being bookish easier. Whether it’s lightening the load on our overstuffed bookshelves or reading in the tub, we’re celebrating our love for ebooks with five great reasons that ebooks make our lives better.


They save space.

celebrate ebooks

If you love reading as much as we do, you’ve probably run into a problem: books can take up a lot of room. Before you know it, your bookshelf is full. And then all the space on TOP of your bookshelf is full. You wake up one morning and realize that the stack of hardbacks on your bedside table is in danger of toppling over. You start a new stack on the floor and then … well. You get the idea.


They’re perfect for multitasking.

celebrate ebooks

Holding a book with one hand might not be difficult, but things get complicated when it’s time to turn the pages. Ebooks are a perfect solution. Turn the page with a swipe of your thumb or the click of a button—without the juggling act. So whether you’re holding precious cargo or just don’t want to put down your popcorn, you can keep on reading.


They give you privacy.

celebrate ebooks

Look, we’re not here to shame you for your reading choices. If you want to read the newest alien-werewolf-bodice-ripper on the train that is your RIGHT, and we applaud you for it! In fact, we might ask to borrow it once you’re done. But if you’ve been spending the last few months carefully cultivating an image of yourself as a Cultured Reader of Literature to that cute barista at your favorite coffee place, well … sometimes it’s nice to keep your newest bookish indulgence a secret.


They provide instant gratification.

celebrate ebooks

We’ve all been there: left dangling from a cliffhanger at the end of a book. It’s a terrible place to be. Worse, sometimes you get to the last page at night, when the shops and the library have closed! Or you’re in your PJs! Or there’s a blizzard outside! Never fear: you can download an ebook anytime. As long as it has been written (we’re looking at you, George R. R. Martin!), you’ll never have to wait to pick up the sequel.


They have the BEST deals.

Being a book lover can be expensive—you’ve got to have that paper to buy paperbacks. There might be great sales, but unless you’re at the right bookstore on the right day you’ll miss them. Ebooks can help with that: there are LOTS of deals on ebooks every day. Plus, they’re easy to find (even if you don’t want to get out of your PJs). Daily newsletters can send you daily deals alerts straight to your inbox, or you can do some online shopping on your favorite sites. With so many promotions, ebooks allow you to explore new authors and genres, without the hardback sticker-shock.


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Published on 06 Dec 2016

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