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Do You Have A Book Hoarding Problem?

Book hoarding is a real disease. Seek treatment now.

What’s the first thing a new friend says when visiting your apartment for the first time?

  1. What a lovely place you have!
  2. Gee, you have so many books!
  3. Or, can you not hear their screams for help because they are being engulfed by an exploding bookshelf of over 3,000 titles that you’ve amassed over the entire course of your life because you love to read so much and oh my god you’d rather be reading holy goodness is that a book because I must have it? Now.

If you answered number 3, chances are you could be suffering from a very dangerous book hoarding problem. Before you and your loved ones are crushed in an avalanche of literature, determine whether or not you need professional help with this handy quiz.

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Published on 11 Nov 2015

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