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Fierce Female Warriors in Romance

In Sabrina Jarema’s Lord of the Runes, love is only the beginning of the adventure

Many of us love a good romance, but even more of us love our romance with a dash of adventure. We love our heroes strong and sexy and our heroines confident and clever.

Enter Asa, the fierce female warrior heroine of Sabrina Jarema’s Lord of the Runes.

Asa is a shieldmaiden, a female Viking warrior fighting in the service of her jarl, in this case her brother Jarl Magnus. She’s everything you need in a warrior: strong, fast, clever, and aware of her own weaknesses and strengths.

“A shieldmaiden? Asa? He’d fought beside them before … they were all tall, elegant, bold, strong. Everything Asa was when she held that sword.”

She’s not just a badass on the battlefield, she’s a skilled artist, creating delicate, intricate and strong carvings that make for some sexy tandem carving scenes. She wants to find love and happiness, but she wants a man to love her for her strength and skills, not her rank and ability to give him children: a tough order under the hard realities of Viking society.

Lord of the RunesFemale warriors have existed throughout history, but it is only recently that these incredible warrior women have reached the pages of our historical fiction and romance novels. Fans of History Channel’s Vikings will recognize Legertha as a one of these strong new heroines based on history’s real-life warrior women. While it’s fun to read stories where a girl’s caught up in the adventures of a sexy stranger, sometimes we want stories where our heroine takes charge, where two equally passionate individuals finally meet their match in each other.

Asa meets her match in the temporarily exiled Jarl Eirik, a warrior and a rune caster who begins to admire Asa after fate drives him to her village. They each have goals of their own: Overcoming violence and trauma, revenge, and for Eirik, liberating his village from rogue raiders. Eirik is strong, honorable, and mysterious, but it’s Asa’s fierce energy and vulnerability that anchors the slow burning romance at the core of Lord of the Runes.

Jarema’s heroine is the kind of heroine we deserve (and the one we need right now), because she’s a fierce female warrior who’s more than a girl with a sword, but also less than a perfect Mary Sue that none of us can live up to. Blushing damsels in distress are a dime a dozen in any romance and adventure, but a daring fighter who can go toe to toe with a Viking lord? Those are more difficult to find.

Like all female warriors in a man’s world, Asa has her doubters. She has to prove herself, but the Vikings are a hard people who respect strength and skill, and Asa is more than equal to the task. She struggles with intimacy and shame, but when the going gets tough, she can toss an ax with the best of them.

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Published on 06 Feb 2017

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