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10 Photos That Illustrate the Healing Power of Organization

For those whose lives are in need of a spiritual de-cluttering, check out these photos that illustrate the healing power of organization.

A New Year means a new list of resolutions. Whether you want to get in shape, to finally read that one book, to learn to cook, or just want to make some sort of positive life change, one thing is for sure: it helps to be inspired. A great way to kick off the New Year is to start by reorganizing your life, and the power of organization can help you get a clean start to 2016 in more ways than one. If you’re in the market for more professional help, we recommend Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up. But be warned: this method is only for those with the most serious resolve to de-clutter their lives.

Check out these 10 truly beautiful and encouraging photos of the healing power of organization to help get you inspired!

Published on 31 Dec 2015

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