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13 Epic Fantasy Books Like Game of Thrones

Set out on a new quest with these fantasy sagas.

By Mary McAveney

10 Books on Tyrion Lannister's Reading List

"A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone."

By Olivia Mason

10 More Books to Read if You Like Game of Thrones

Because George R.R. Martin doesn't seem to be making much progress.

By Renata Sweeney

9 Books to Read While You Wait for the Next Season of Game of Thrones

These epic fantasy reads will help ease your Westeros withdrawal.

By Jessica Ferri

13 of the Best Dragons in Fantasy Fiction

Be your own Khalessi and tame these dragons.

By Mia Garcia

You Know Nothing, Jon Snow: 8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Game of Thrones

Forget Jon Snow—these women are the real draw of Game of Thrones.

By Jessica Ferri

8 Amazing Characters to Fill the Stark-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

Because the producers have basically killed off half of Westeros by now.

By Paola Crespo

8 Crazy Game of Thrones Fan Theories

Spoilers follow, so proceed with caution!

By The Reading Room

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