Which Trillium Princess Are You?

    Be a royal for the day—even if it's in the fictional World of the Three Moons.

    black trilliumIn 1991, Julian May, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and Andre Norton (three of the greatest science-fiction and fantasy writers at the time) released the first novel in The Saga of the Trillium series.

    Set in the volatile kingdom of Ruwenda located in the fantasy realm World of the Three Moons and told from the perspective of three princesses—Haramis, Kadiya, and Anigel—Black Trillium was written with each author taking on the identity of one the Ruwendan triplets. And it resulted in a beloved series, unique for featuring strong women with even stronger personalities.

    So let’s join in the fun. Below, read a little about each royal, then let us know in the comments who your princess counterpart would be, that is, of course, if you lived in the World of the Three Moons.



    The oldest of the triplets, Haramis is a natural-born leader. Wise beyond her years, she is the voice of reason during a crisis. Although she is relatively even tempered, her proclivity to remaining in power is her strongest weakness and often threatens to be her downfall. The most bookish of the three, she loves to learn and is constantly seeking knowledge as a devoted student of magic and science. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music and can often be found enjoying the company of the musicians in her kingdom.



    The fearless warrior, Kadiya is always ready to fight to protect what she loves most. Often noted for her temper, which is as fiery as her red locks, she uses her hard-core exterior to mask her fear of weakness. A middle child, she acts as the peacemaker between the humans in her kingdom and the often unpredictable Folk (or Oddlings). At one with the natural world, she prefers to explore realms outside the kingdom and prefers the company of animals—especially birds.



    Dainty and kindhearted, Anigel is sympathetic to the suffering of others. She forms relationships easily, which serves her well in her royal line of work. She is a true woman of the court and enjoys dancing, fashion, and performing domestic and ceremonial duties. As the youngest, she is often underestimated by her siblings. Sweet, shy, and timid, she often doubts her own abilities. But when the situation proves to be dire, she is able to harness her bravery and fight against evil.

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