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6 Coolest Sidekicks in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

Before squad goals, there were sidekicks.


Where would the greatest of heroes be without their trusty sidekicks? They may not get any of the glory, but their wisdom, support, and often comedic contributions offer balance and plentitude to a narrative. Just think about how your favorite stories would play out without the complementary comrade.

Though the list of awesome sidekicks is endless, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, both famous and overlooked.


Samwise Gamgee, from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


The ultimate sidekick is the one who will go the ends of the (Middle) Earth for you. Even when death seems inevitable, Sam remains a loyal friend and moral compass to Frodo, and is integral to securing their fate. Although Frodo is entrusted with holding the ring, without Sam and the rest of his trusted companions, he never would have succeeded. Sam is the best friend we all want and need.


Ariel, from Ariel


The world as Peter knew it changed forever, but having a unicorn as your best friend certainly helps to get by. Despite Ariel, the unicorn, and Peter bonding over a shared weakened state, her strength and refusal to accept defeat pushes Peter to accept responsibility for his new life. Her trademark sassiness might not fit the stereotype of the ethereal creature, but as their fates continue to intertwine, their bond deepens along with their mutual respect.


Oberon, from The Iron Druid Chronicles


If only all sidekicks had telepathic abilities. Arguably, there are no two beings who know each other better than Oberon, the dog, and Atticus. As the world’s last Druid living in the modern day, Atticus contends with a lonely existence while battling against supernatural forces. Despite the species gap, Atticus is the only person to truly understand Oberon, and the dog becomes his sole confidante as the two fight to save the world from mythical threats.


Seneschal Zhu Irzh, from Snake Agent

The underworld counterpart of Detective Chen, Irzh is undeniably flawed. Although his conscience tugs him toward compassion, his status in the Underworld forces him to suppress potential virtues. Despite their oppositions, Chen and Irzh eventually understand that they work best together, and the supernatural odd couple take off to solve mysteries from all corners of the universe. Irzh still manages to retain his slightly sinister qualities, keeping Chen on his toes and giving him a fresh perspective on his cases.


Ron and Hermione, from the Harry Potter Series


Really, what would Harry do without these two? He could have fallen apart so many times over the years, but he always had his friends there to pick him up. Even through the worst of fights, they never lost the bond that made their friendship so sacred. With Hermione’s brainpower and Ron’s unwavering loyalty, Harry’s able to defeat even the darkest of magic.


Evelyn Dobbs, from

Hired as a fool to keep the crew of the starship Pasadena distracted from the drudgeries of of interstellar flight, Evelyn’s responsibilities are mostly ignored by the ship captain, Katmer Al Shei. Although Katmer commands the ship, as numerous conspiracies unfold during the voyage, Evelyn becomes more immersed in the politics beyond her job. When the fate of an interstellar war suddenly falls into her hands, she is forced to choose between her moral obligations to save Katmer and the crew and fulfilling her duties as part of the Fool’s Guild.