Better Yourself: 6 Books That Make You Think Differently

These books cover everything from tech knowledge to tapping into your creative side.

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Moving at the speed our world does, it’s tough to find a quiet moment. And with so little free time, it’s important that we use it wisely. Quarto’s Build + Become series aims to help. With six books currently in their series, and more to come, these books make you think differently about the world, how you enjoy your time, and more. From learning to read people to channeling your creative energy, there’s something new to learn, no matter your area of expertise. Each book features 20 mini-lessons that you can digest at your own pace. So what are you waiting for? Dive into this series today. 

build and become

Read People

By Rita Carter

Rita Carter’s book focuses on the science of behavior, using a visual approach to understand why people act the way they do—allowing you to improve your communication skills. The author examines many different behaviors to reveal the true feelings of those you’re interacting with…and, more importantly, how you should respond. 

build and become

Get Technology

By Gerald Lynch

We all know that technology is constantly growing and changing. But apart from being able to order food lightning fast, how can technology help us achieve our own goals? This book has the answers. It explores today’s technology so we can better understand the world around us—and know what to expect in the future. 

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Being Creative

By Michael Atavar

It can be difficult to get the creative juices following. Often, when we’re looking for inspiration it just doesn’t come. Michael Atavar’s book offers exercises that use a unique visual approach to help readers change their perspectives and turn their creative ideas into a reality. 

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Think Differently

By Adam Ferner

When we’re set in our ways, it’s hard to see another side to things. But using Adam Ferner’s approach, readers can use philosophy to respond to modern-day challenges. Throughout the book, great philosophers throughout history (as well as today) guide us through asking thoughtful ethical and moral questions to get a different perspective. 

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Enjoy Time

By Catherine Blyth

Do you feel like you’re constantly rushing through life? So do we. But apparently, by taking your time you can become more productive! In this book, Catherine Blyth helps readers understand how to expertly communicate by slowing down. 

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Good Money

By Nathalie Spencer

Money management: A skill we all wish they taught in school. Whether you consider yourself to be “good with money” or not, this book can help readers be in the know when it comes to finance. From forecasting to financial habits and behaviors, author Nathalie Spencer covers it all. 

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