Celebrate the Holidays with 12 Days of Deals! 

    Your book-loving friends will thank you.

    'Tis the season for holiday merriment, and these bookish deals are sure to fill you with joy. We're counting down the holidays with 12 Days of Deals. Each offer only lasts for 24 hours, so be sure to check back daily for the latest deals. 

    Day 1: Editors' Gift Picks

    12 days of deals EBB

    December 3, 2017: Stay cozy all season long with award-winning books, literary swag, and more! 

    Day 2: Bestselling Books

    12 days of deals EBB

    December 4, 2017: From John Jakes to Pearl S. Buck, save big on books from the best of the best. 

    Day 3: Holiday Books for Kids

    EBB 12 days of deals

    December 5, 2017: Whether you're introducing a youngster to wonderful holiday classics or finding your inner kid again, these children's and young adult books are sure to have you reminiscing in days of yore. 

    Day 4: Inspirational Reading 

    ebb 12 days of deals

    December 6, 2017: Jump start your New Year's Resolutions and get inspired by these thoughtful books. 

    Day 5: Historical Fiction

    12 Days of Deals EBB

    December 7, 2017: Transport yourself back in time with these engrossing reads, from authors like Taylor Caldwell and Beryl Bainbridge.

    Day 6: Holiday Books for Genre Lovers

    12 days of deals EBB

    December 8, 2017: From romance to mystery, these genre books centered on the holidays are perfect for those who hope to immerse themselves in the season!

    Day 7: Bookish Home Goods and More

    12 days of deals ebb

    December 9, 2017: Wear your love of books on your sleeve, literally. From sweatshirts to throw pillows, these items are sure to keep you company while you're curled up with your favorite book.  

    Day 8: Cookbooks

    12 days of deals EBB

    December 10, 2017: Apart from the bright lights and catchy music, the holidays are always sure to include lots of food. From crafting desserts to cooking for special diets, these cookbooks will help you keep everyone satisfied.   

    Day 9: E-Readers and Other Devices 

    12 days of deals ebb

    December 11, 2017: As avid readers, we know that carrying around a heavy book can be less than ideal. Keep all of your books in one portable place with an e-reader!

    Day 10: Book Bundles

    12 days of deals ebb

    December 12, 2017: If you enjoy reading related books or books in a series, then you have to get your hands on these book bundles! From history stories to science fiction, there's something for everyone on this list. 

    Day 11: Must-Read Biographies & Memoirs 

    12 days of deals ebb

    December 13, 2017: Non-fiction readers will love these biographies and memoirs. The list includes books about past presidents, artists, and other important figures. 

    Day 12: Books for Crafters

    12 days of deals

    December 14, 2017: When we're not reading, we love to de-stress by throwing ourselves into a great craft! Join the fun with these books that will ignite the creative spark within. 

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