Everything You Need to Know About Kobo Plus

For just a small subscription fee, Kobo Plus members have access to unlimited books or unlimited audiobooks from the extensive Kobo Plus library.


Kobo is a Canadian company that sells ebooks, audiobooks, and ereaders. Based on the success of their ebook store and ereaders, the company decided to launch a subscription plan in 2017 called Kobo Plus. 

What is Kobo Plus?

Kobo Plus is a digital reading subscription service that gives readers access to either unlimited ebooks, audiobooks or both for a low monthly fee. Subscribers can read Kobo Plus eBooks on a Kobo ereader or through the free Kobo app. For audiobooks, readers can listen on the Kobo app or on select Kobo ereaders.

Kobo Plus was first released in the Netherlands and Belgium, and expanded into Canada in 2020. 

The service is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Italy, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Portugal. If you live in any of these aforementioned countries, Kobo Plus is a great way to save on digital titles, particularly if you typically read more than two ebooks and/or audiobooks per month. 

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Is there a free trial?

Yes! Most Kobo Plus subscriptions start with a 30 day free trial, though FNAC members receive only 14 days. Unfortunately, residents of Quebec are not eligible for the free trial.

How large is the Kobo Plus catalog?

As of 2023, Kobo Plus has over 1.3 million ebooks and over 100,000 audiobooks available to download. And unlike a Kindle Unlimited subscription, which operates as a digital library where readers can only “check out” a certain number of books at a time and must “return” books if they wish to add new ones, Kobo Plus does not restrict the amount of books you can have downloaded onto your digital library.

Kobo Plus is truly unlimited, and allows readers to access as many titles as they’d like with no restrictions. The only way readers lose access to their Kobo Plus downloads is if they cancel their membership. Canceling one’s membership removes the books downloaded with Kobo Plus from the user’s device.

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Is Kobo Plus in the U.S.?