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8 Eye-Opening Books About Modern History

These captivating reads explore rapid change and monumental shifts.

1877 the year of living violently, a modern history book


By Michael A. Bellesiles

century of ambivalence, a modern history book

A Century of Ambivalence

By Zvi Gitelman

enemies and neighbors, a modern history book

Enemies and Neighbors

By Ian Black

rites of spring, a modern history book

Rites of Spring

By Modris Eksteins

lords of creation, a modern history book

The Lords of Creation

By Frederick Lewis Allen

modern history books

The Unbound Prometheus

By David S. Landes

modern history books

Mao’s Last Revolution

By Michael Schoenhals & Roderick MacFarquhar

modern history books

The Life and Death of the Spanish Republic

By Henry Buckley