Remember It! Is the Memory Book You'll Love to Read

Memory expert Nelson Dellis went on the Today show to share his techniques.

remember it

We all know reading is good for improving your memory—but reading this book will certainly help more than most!

Remember It! is written by Nelson Dellis, a five-time USA Memory Champion Winner and the record-holder for most national memory title wins. Unlike many other dry memory improvement books, Remember It! is an illustrated guide to training your brain. 

With the goal of keeping his book fun and approachable, Dellis decided to focus on useful, day-to-day tasks, like remembering names, phone numbers, and where you left your keys.

Plus, more than saving you time looking for your keys, Dellis can give you peace of mind. As Dr. Marc Agronin explains, “Too many people fear memory changes without realizing that they can exercise and improve it greatly.” And books like Remember It! can give readers a “practical, comprehensive, and life-changing path to achieving the memory abilities [they] have always dreamed of.”

In November 2023, Dellis went on the Today show to demonstrate his incredible memory skills, and explain how his competition-winning techniques can be used by anyone to improve their memory in their everyday lives. And as Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie pointed out, the holidays are an extra important time to make sure you haven't forgetten anything! Between present lists, meeting new people at parties and all the holiday cooking, you want to make sure nothing gets overlooked. 

Remember It!

Remember It!

By Nelson Dellis

“Hearing what Nelson can do with his memory impressed me. But watching him recall and then teach me exactly how he did it is even better. I can’t wait for everyone to learn his simple techniques and realize what their memory is capable of.”—Lewis Howes, New York Times bestselling author and host of the School of Greatness podcast