Everything You Need for a Gatsby-Inspired Roaring 20s Party

You know you want to, old sport.

roaring 20s party from the great gatsby film
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We like to think that F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the classic 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, would understand why his work inspired so many people to forget about the world and have a party. After all, Fitzgerald was also one of the best-known authors from the Lost Generation, a period defined by the feelings of disillusionment and aimlessness post-WWI. 

The Great Gatsby was one of the books to perfectly encapsulate these feelings—and in 2020, it’s not hard to see why the Lost Generation writers still resonate, or why people need an excuse to tie one on.

On a lighter note, the novel centers around a man known for having weekly over-the-top parties in his enormous mansion—and who wouldn’t love to pretend they’re spending the night at a famed West Egg soiree? Plus, F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896—if you ask us, that’s all the more reason to celebrate with a Roaring 20s party every September!

Though it would be wonderful to have a crowded, in-person sockdollager for the hundred year anniversary of the 1920s, for now, we’ll have to make do with socially-distant gatherings and virtual get-togethers. Don’t worry—all of these Roaring 20s accessories look just as good from six feet away, or even over Zoom.

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Twenties Art Deco Jazz 1920s Photo Booth Props Kit

roarings 20 party accessories - photo booth kit

Whether your party is taking place virtually or in-person, these props will really set the mood—and help you take tons of Instagram-worthy photos.

20s Flapper Gatsby Costume Dress

roaring 20s party flapper dress

On top of the general disillusioned vibe that gave way to partying in the 1920s, people were wearing clothes that deserved to be shown off. 

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Roaring 20s Party Headdress

roaring 20s party flapper feather headband

No Roaring 20's outfit is complete without a show-stopping piece of headwear, and we're especially fond of this plumed, black feather headband. Daisy Buchanan may not have worn one of these, but we bet Myrtle would have.

Men's Roaring 20s Party Accessories Set

men's roaring 20s party outfit accessories

There are plenty of fun masculine looks from the Roaring 20s, too! This accessories set comes in 12 different colors and includes a Panama hat, suspenders, bow tie, prop cigar and pocket watch.

Roaring 20s Party Drinking Game

roaring 20s party drinking game

Though Prohibition was in effect all throughout the 1920s, speakeasies (and opulent parties) often flouted the law. In that spirit, no Roaring 20s party is complete without plenty of libations—and games like this one make sure everyone gets in on the fun.

Plastic Coupe Glasses

roaring 20s party plastic coupe glasses

Serve up your giggle water in these retro coupe glasses. If you’re not sure what to sip on, a Champagne Cocktail is always a delicious choice. 

Featured still from "The Great Gatsby" via Warner Bros. Pictures