See the Eerie First Trailer for Adaptation of The Terror 

Dan Simmons' story of Arctic carnage is finally getting the series it deserves.


Dan Simmons' British Fantasy Award-nominated novel The Terror sails onto the small screen this spring on AMC.

Based on the real-life disappearance of the Captain Sir John Franklin mission in 1845, Simmons' critically acclaimed book imagines what might have befallen the men of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror during their doomed quest for the Northwest passage. Although brief, the trailer captures the atmosphere of claustrophobic mystery that makes Simmons' epic about ice-locked, desperate crews stalked by a mysterious creature so unmissable.

If the series holds true to the novel, it will likely appeal to history buffs as well as fans of horror and fantasy. Simmons' richly detailed book relies heavily on meticulous research about the real-life members of the Franklin expedition. But where history has no answers — what happened to the 129 members of the expedition after Terror and Erebus were entombed in ice? — vivid, chilling fantasy takes over. 

AMC's The Terror is executive produced by Ridley Scott. It stars Jared Harris as Terror's alcoholic Captain Sir Francis Crozier; Tobias Menzies as Erebus' Captain James Fitzjames; and Ciarán Hinds as Sir John Franklin himself. The series is set to premiere March 2018, which leaves plenty of time to re-read the book. 

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Featured still from "The Terror via AMC.

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