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9 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About the Suffrage Movement

You know they battled for a woman’s right to vote, but did you know they also faced feeding tubes, macho critics, and police brutality?

suffrage movement
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  • Photo Credit: Britannica

1) The total number of suffragettes is unknown.

2) Many women refused to complete the 1911 census.

3) American women could run for office long before they could vote.

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  • Suffragettes protesting outside the White House in 1917.

4) In 1918, British women won the right to vote. Or did they?

5) Suffragettes were "old maids."

6) Suffragettes endured injury, even force-feeding. 

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  • Police arrest Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette Movement.

    Photo Credit: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

7) The Pankhursts have a “Lost Sister.”

8) The term “suffragette” was not a compliment.

9) They knew jujitsu.