Artemis Fowl Now Has a Release Date on Disney+

The boy genius is coming to your screen on June 12.

artemis fowl movie 2020

If you're a fan of young adult movies, there's a decent chance you already have Disney+. If so, you're in luck—the long-awaited film Artemis Fowl, which is based on the bestselling young adult fantasy book series and has been in talks since 2001, is finally being released on the streaming service.

The first book in the series introduces us to Artemis Fowl II, a boy genius and criminal mastermind with minimal supervision. Accompanied by his faithful bodyguard, Butler, Artemis hatches a plan to restore his family's fortune by kidnapping a fairy and demanding gold for her safe return. Artemis does succeed in trapping Holly Smart, a fairy and captain Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance force (LEPRecon). But he didn't count on the People being as clever as he is.

As fans of the series have already pointed out, the film seems to have made some substantial changes from the original books. On top of combining plot elements from the first two books for the film, there's all-new technology for the fairies and some character gender swaps (the books' irascible Commander Root will be played by Dame Judi Dench). However, the series' author, Eoin Colfer, has said he completely supports the updates and is "100 percent behind" the changes.

As he said in a March interview with Polygon, "I think inclusivity is a wonderful thing, and I am all for switches and changes if it means the best person gets the job." 

Below is the full trailer for Artemis Fowl. Whether or not you enjoyed the books as a young adult, it looks like it will be a fun, fantasy-filled ride.

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