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10 Books for Expecting Dads

Read a bundle of books before meeting your bundle of joy.

[CLOSED] Enter to Win the Pup & Dragon Giveaway!

10 lucky winners will receive copies of How to Catch a Unicorn.

The Best Roald Dahl Books You Haven't Heard Of

“A person is a fool to become a writer. His only compensation is absolute freedom.” —Roald Dahl 

10 Accessible Nonfiction Books For Kindergarteners

Tackling decreasing literacy rates one book at a time. 

9 Children's Books by Suprising Authors

Am I the last person to know that Dolly Parton wrote a children’s book? 

10 Books Tweens Will Love to Read

To bring you comfort during that awkward, uncomfortable “in-between” stage of life.

Read a Rugby Player's Love Letter to Her Body

In this excerpt from Dear Rebel, Isadora Cerullo celebrates her body's strength.

Read a Girl's Guide to Not Behaving

In this excerpt from Dear Rebel, a woman shares her experience with standing up for herself. 

9 of the Best Books to Gift Kids

There’s no better present than a beloved book.

8 Books to Get You in the Spirit of Día de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead celebrates those who have left us.

Read an Excerpt from Dear Rebel

Get life-changing advice from a trailblazing woman.

8 Banned Books for Kids to Read

Banned books have a little something for everyone.

10 Books for Tim Burton Fans

Get your (scissor)hands on these wonderfully weird reads.

10 Must-Read Mystery Books for Kids

These books will bring out a child’s inner sleuth.

10 Famous Children's Books Everyone Should Read

There's a reason everyone knows these stories.

The Best Way to Read Ebooks With Kids Isn't Always With an Ereader

Use what you already have to give your kids the gift of ebooks.