Banned Book Recommendations

Every year more and more books are getting banned. This does not mean these books shouldn’t be read—it’s quite the opposite actually. The banning of books is a form of censorship within the United States. It’s important to understand why certain books were banned, and to read these books and form your own opinion of them before writing them off as “inappropriate” or “offensive.” 

This year, Banned Books Week is being celebrated from October 1-7. It's especially important to recognize Banned Books Week in 2023, as book bans are becoming more common.

You’ve probably already read a handful of banned books. Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mockingbird, John Green’s young adult hit Looking For Alaska, and the adorable picture book about penguins And Tango Makes Three have all been banned or challenged, among so many others. Find out how books get banned, read powerful quotes on banning books, and get more reading recommendations in the stories below.


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