The Best Reading Chairs Under $300

Your reading nook needs the perfect seat.

reading chair with books and coffee on it
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  • Photo Credit: Taylor Wright / Unsplash

If you’re a reader, we’re betting you can really appreciate the value of a good reading chair. You know what we’re talking about—unlike a sturdy work seat or dining room chair, a reading chair is one that allows you to curl up for hours and get completely lost in your book. 

After scouring reviews, we’ve determined that these are the best reading chairs you can buy on a budget. Because while you can splurge on a much fancier chair, we prefer to save our money for more books!

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Note: Prices may have changed from time of original posting.

High Back Club Chair - $185

high back reading chair

This reading chair just looks like it belongs in a study with a roaring fireplace and a gorgeous wooden built in bookshelves. Or, you know, whatever your living room looks like.

Shunzhi Modern Reading Chair - $250

modern accent reading chair

We love the modern style of this cozy, wide and low reading chair. It also comes in bright yellow and grey—choose your color scheme wisely!

Better Homes & Gardens Papasan Chair — $195

papasan reading chair

With adjustable bases and ultra wide seats, papasan chairs can accommodate a few different kinds of readers—those who prefer to sit cross-legged; those who like to curl up, or even those who like to sprawl out and throw their legs over the side. However, they do take up a bit more room than most chairs.

Velvet Petal Back Chair — $185.99

velvet petal back reading chair

Though you can’t sit cross-legged in this chair, it’s so adorable that we’ve decided to let that slide. Plus, it’s inexpensive enough that you could also get a matching velvet ottoman and still come in under budget! We’re partial to this chair in teal, but you can also get it in light blue or antique pink.

Tufted Mid-Century Chair - $219.99

tufted midcentury reading chair

Mid-century modern is all the rage right now. If that’s your style, then this is the perfect reading chair for you. We love the low arm rests, sleek lines, and muted color scheme. Bonus—this chair comes in lots of other colors, too!

Faux Leather Wingback Chair - $264.99

leather wingback reading chair

If your ideal reading nook includes cigars, leather-bound books, classic rugs and lots of wood, then you have to look at this modern faux leather wingback chair. We love the lightly quilted look and the caramel leather, along with the modern wooden legs. 

Wide Lexington Chair - $252.99

wide reading chair

Comfort meets style in this wide-set, oversized chair. Tuck your legs underneath you, grab a big blanket and settle in with a book you can’t put down.

Featured photo: Taylor Wright / Unsplash