The Best Way to Read Ebooks With Kids Isn't Always With an Ereader

Use what you already have to give your kids the gift of ebooks.

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You may not have a separate ereading device for your kids—but that doesn't mean kids can't read ebooks. In fact, if you have a tablet for your child, you already have an ereader. 

Simply by using the internet or downloading an app, you can read ebooks on devices that you already own. Parental controls, children’s ebooks, and more are available on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. So there’s no need to spend money on the fanciest ereader around when most of what you’re paying for is already within your grasp!

Continue reading to learn more about why the best way for your kid to enjoy ebooks doesn’t have to be with a designated ereader, as well as why your kid should be reading ebooks in the first place.

Amazon Kindle Kids

The Amazon Kindle Kids, while it has some perks of its own, is an unnecessary expense if your child already has access to a tablet or computer. 

The basic Kindle for Kids starts at $119.99. That price includes a colorful cover and a yearlong subscription to Amazon Kids+, which gives you unlimited access thousands of children's books, audiobooks, games, and videos. 

For an eye-watering $159.99, your little one could receive the more premium Kindle Paperwhite Kids, which offers the same benefits as the basic Kindle, but is also waterproof.

It’s important to note that the Amazon Kindle Kids are more expensive than the “adult versions” by about $20. This isn’t necessarily a significant difference in price, but the difference doesn’t come from any type of technological superiority or even access to unique parental controls. 

The children’s Kindles are just standard Kindles with a few superficial differences: they come with a colorful case, a year-long subscription to Amazon Kids+, and a two-year warranty instead of just one. 

These are all nice perks, but they're definitely not necessary!

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Using a device you already own

If you already have a Kindle ereader your child can use, it’s easy (and free) to turn on Kids mode in the parental controls. Access to Amazon Kids+ is $48 with a Prime membership and $79 without, but the money you will spend childproofing your Kindle is still only half the cost of buying a new Kindle Kids.

If your child can be rough with their playthings, the included cover may seem like an important included benefit; but the cover isn’t that important when it comes down to the Kindle’s ability to withstand kid-related damage. The cover’s purpose is primarily aesthetics, and has the fun perk of turning the Kindle on when you open it, mimicking the act of opening a book. 

Another option is using a tablet or computer you already own to give your kids access to ebooks. Bonus: Your kids probably already know how to use these devices! 

If your kid knows how to play games on their iPad, it will be so much easier to teach them how to use the Kindle app, than how to use an unfamiliar device. That means more reading, and less fussing around with troubleshooting a learning curve.

Plus, if you already own a tablet or computer your child can use to read ebooks, does it really make sense to spend money on another gadget that they’re likely to break? 

Why ebooks are great for kids

At this point you might be wondering, why not just give your kid a good old fashioned book? The truth is, ebooks offer a range of tools that boost the educational experience your child gets from reading. 

For example, when reading an ebook, simply highlighting a word pulls up its definition. And you don’t need an ereader to access this helpful feature; it’s available on the Kindle app you can download to any tablet or computer. 

You can even highlight and save words to make flashcards with them!

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Additionally, ebooks are a lot more convenient and accessible than traditional books. Don't worry about going to the bookstore or shipping time; ebooks can be downloaded immediately. 

They’re also less expensive than the print versions—sometimes even free! Ebooks are also more practical because they’re stored in one place—on a device—meaning they don’t take up room on your bookshelves, get scattered on the floor, or limit your options when traveling. 

Giving your kids access to such an amazing resource for growing their readership doesn’t have to be difficult or pricey. Simply by downloading ebooks onto the devices you already own, you will avoid the complications of teaching your child how to use an ereader, and will save yourself hundreds of dollars. So grab your kid’s tablet, smartphone, or computer, and get started today!