12 Book Christmas Trees to DIY This Holiday

O Bookmas Tree, O Bookmas Tree...

book christmas tree

One of our favorite holiday traditions is putting up and decorating a Christmas tree. But if you're not a fan of pine needles everywhere, or simply can't make room for one because of all the books in your living room, then we have the perfect solution for you: Make a Christmas tree out of books! 

These fun and festive "trees" are an adorable way to celebrate your love of reading and get into the Christmas spirit. And you might be surprised at just how many ways there are to turn your beloved books into a beautiful tree!

A White Christmas Book Tree

a christmas book tree with a dog

If you have a ton of extra books, you can create a stunningly tall book Christmas tree! Keeping the spines facing inward creates a "white" tree, which goes great with these bookshelves and that adorable puppy. We also love the idea of using an open book as a Christas tree topper!

A Colorful Book Christmas Tree

colorful book christmas tree

Conversely, add some color by keeping the spines of your books facing outwards! Topping this tower with a tiny real tree is also a great idea, as are the colorful lights and tree skirt.

A Rainbow Book Christmas Tree

rainbow book christmas tree

Add a little organization to a colorful Christmas tree by organizing your books into rainbow-colored tiers! If you don't have enough books with white spines for the top section, you can simply turn some books so that the pages are facing out.

A Tiny Stacked Christmas Tree

tiny book christmas tree

If you're not willing to dedicate an entire corner of your room to a book Christmas tree, you can compromise with a tabletop version like this one. Don't forget lights and a topper to make it clear that this is a tree, and not just a regular stack of books!

A Cat-Approved Book Christmas Tree

cat book christmas tree

A squat book Christmas tree topped with a Santa hat is a much better choice for a home with a cat. 

A Cat-Topped Book Christmas Tree

cat sitting on book christmas tree

Who needs to buy a Christmas tree topper when your cat is willing to do the job? No guarantees on how long this will last, though.

A Book Christmas Tree Covered in Toys

book christmas tree with toys and dog

Any collectibles or tchotchkes can be used to further personalize your DIY book Christmas tree. Cute dogs are optional but encouraged.

A Well-Lit Tabletop Book Christmas Tree

book christmas tree with lights

A light-up Christmas tree topper is just the thing to finish off this bright and cozy tabletop book display.  

A Classy Book Christmas Tree

book christmas tree with ornaments

Small ball ornaments, candy canes, a cloche topper and candles round out the look of this mini book Christmas tree! While this version is gorgeous, we don't recommend it for any homes with cats or small children.

A Built-In Shelf Book Christmas Tree

shelf book christmas tree

We can't get over how cute and clever this idea is! A few lights, some simple angling and a star topper transform a regular book shelf into a festive decoration.

A Mini Book Christmas Tree

book christmas tree

Unfortunately you probably wouldn't have much luck getting this tree to stand up on its own, so this style is probably best for those of us who want to take a cute picture for Instagram or Facebook, then carefully put our books back where they belong.

An Open-Book Christmas Tree

open book christmas tree

Like the previous version, this book Christmas tree really only works if it's spread out on the floor, so it's best for a quick photo op. But still, it's incredible to see what you can do with just a few minutes and a sparkly filter!

Featured photo: hannahleblondauthor / Instagram