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When we were young, summer reading was a chore. Nowadays, we try to find the quickest reads to devour while lounging on the beach. But what if we could get more from those book picks?

Here at Early Bird Books, we decided that we want to be inspired by our summer reading this year. So we're challenging ourselves to read three (or six) great books between Memorial Day and Labor Day ... and we want to invite YOU along for the ride. The rules: Everyone picks their own books based on the themes we select, and sharing recommendations and reviews is highly encouraged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Reading Challenge? 

May 25 – September 3, 2018. You have 14 weeks to read what inspires you! 

How many books am I expected to read?

Read 3 or 6 books, depending on how much you want to read, using our “inspiring” reading prompts.

How do I stay on track?

When you sign up for the challenge, we'll send you an email once a week to give you book recommendations, tips for reaching your goals, essays from authors, and more.

How do I find other reading challenge members?

Join our private Facebook group to share your book recommendations and reviews and connect with other book lovers.

Not sure which books to pick? 

We've put together book recommendations for each of our reading prompts. Take a look at the prompts below, then click through to see our book picks for each.

Want us to pick the books for you? 

We've put together reading kits that match the challenge prompts ($9.99 for 3 ebooks; $17.99 for 6 ebooks). Choose from one of our themed ebook bundles: "I love fiction!," "I love non-fiction!," and "I love all books!".

Is there a prize for completing the challenge?

You mean, besides being inspired this summer? Why, yes there is!

Every person who signs up for the reading challenge will be entered to win a grand prize that we hope inspires you to learn something new – or take your skills to the next level: year-long, all-access passes to Masterclass, Artists Network, and Writer's Digest. Plus, we'll throw in a bundle of must-read books from our sponsors! (Retail value: $600)

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