The Kids Are All Right: New Research Shows That Millennials Love Their Libraries

According to a new study, Millennials are the most likely generation to visit a local library.

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  • Photo Credit: Jiahui Huang / Flickr (CC)

Who says Millennials are always glued to their phones? According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, they're the most likely generation to visit a local public library. In fact, Pew’s data shows that 53% of 18 to 35 year-olds stopped and smelled the books in 2016—which means they do have interests outside of The Bachelor, thank you very much.

Right behind them are those representing GenX (45%), and then the Baby Boomers (43%). The Silent Generation takes the last spot (36%), as the most infrequent library patrons. Compared to Millennials, these generations are also less likely to use a library website.

We can all agree that the library is pretty darn awesome, but what’s drawing in the Millennials? Aside from libraries being a magical utopia of books, books, and more books, new additions to these near-perfect establishments are making libraries more appealing than a 10-hour Netflix binge. 

In most libraries, there’s now free Wi-Fi, many places to sit, special reading programs, and even high-tech gadgetry like 3D printers. (We want to know: Can we print our favorite fictional character?)

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  • Photo Credit: Taco Ekkel / Flickr (CC)

Whatever the reason for the high Millennial turnout, it’s always good to see that people love libraries as much as we do. Tell us what you love about your local library in the comments below! 

Featured photo: Jiahui Huang / Flickr (CC); Additional photo: Taco Ekkel / Flickr (CC)