Brand Yourself as a Certified Bookworm with New T-Shirts and More

Because bibliophilia isn't just a hobby, but a way of life (and makes a fantastic fashion statement).

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As fellow bookworms, we get it: Sometimes you can't help but hold your hands up and proclaim your literary passions to the world, Say Anything-style.  

Because we understand the need to wear your bibliophilic heart on your sleeve, we've created two new t-shirt designs (in addition to the other awesome shirts we already have) for all the Anne Shirley fans and proud, introverted readers out there. The best part? You can also get these designs as mugs, notebooks, and more—all the essentials for those winter days when you're curled up with a cuppa, writing love letters to your favorite fictional characters. Read on, book lovers, read on!

Anne of Green Gables Quote


Missing October already? We feel your pain. Celebrate the season of pumpkin spice and sweaters all year round with this Anne of Green Gables-inspired tee.

"I Can't Go Out Tonight—I'm Booked"


Fact: A Friday night read-a-thon is always better than a Friday night out.

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