Every Book by V.C. Andrews, In Order

It’s been said that much of her real life was just as tragic as the lives of the protagonists in her debut novel Flowers in the Attic. 

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The author V.C. Andrews was born Cleo “Virginia” Andrews in Portsmouth, Virginia, in 1923. She was the only girl to her WWI vet father, William, telephone operator mother, Lillian, and two brothers (one older, one younger). Though she very quickly became a renowned author upon the debut of her first novel, Andrews was originally an artist. 

She loved classic gothic romances and fairy tales from the very beginning, and with her active imagination, began to draw and paint. In fact, her second grade teacher found her to be so talented that she sent Andrews to junior college for art lessons when she was just seven years old. 

But when she was 17, Andrews fell down a flight of stairs, confining her to crutches and a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her mother, embarrassed by her now-disabled child, kept her cooped up in their house so as to hide her from the neighbors. And it only worsened when Andrews’ father died—her mother monitored her visitors, did all her shopping, and scarcely let her leave the house. 

Eventually she started writing stories, all of which contained salacious themes. 

Was Flowers in the Attic a true story?

Flowers in the Attic was actually a combination of true stories, a mix of her own personal experiences, and the personal experience of a doctor she’d grown close to when getting surgery done on her back. Andrews said that she not only wrote the tale in just two weeks, but reliving all the suffering through the writing of it caused her to lose 12 pounds. 

The book gained instant popularity, despite being banned in many places due to its mature themes. Though her mother continued to hover over her at book signings, press events, and even in the home Andrews bought for them before her passing, she did attempt to compensate for the 40 years of lost time she suffered being locked away from the world. 

How many books did V.C. Andrews write before she died?

Of the many books published in her name, only eight were written by her before she died in 1986. Seven were published during her lifetime, making up the Dollanger, Audrina and Casteel Family series, while Gods of Green Mountain was published posthumously in 2004. 

But Andrew Neiderman, the ghostwriter her family hired to continue her legacy at the time of her death, finished two of her works and since has written much more, with no plans to slow down, as you can see below.

Dollanganger Series


The longest and most famous of VC Andrews’ series, the Dollanganger series starts off with her best-known and most-loved work, Flowers in the Attic. Now an 11-book series, Flowers in the Attic starts the series off with the story of four children whose mother forces them to live in an attic as she attempts to get back into her wealthy family’s good graces. The gothic and salacious story we know it to be, terrible things happen to the children in the attic, and the courses of their lives change forever. 

The rest of the series includes details of their lives after they escape, the stories of their children, the origin story of their grandmother, and versions of the childrens’ story from different points of view. 

Flowers in the Attic (1979)

Petals on the Wind (1980)

If There Be Thorns (1981)

Seeds of Yesterday (1984)

Garden of Shadows* (1986)

Christopher's Diary: Secrets of Foxworth* (2014)

Christopher's Diary: Echoes of Dollanganger* (2015)

Secret Brother* (2015)

Beneath the Attic* (2019)

Out of the Attic* (2020)

The Shadows of Foxworth* (2020)

*Garden of Shadows was finished by ghost author Andrew Neiderman. The rest of the titles were Neiderman under V.C. Andrews' name.

Audrina Series


The Audrina series is a two-book series that follows the story of Audrina Adare as she struggles with the dark secrets her family keeps from her. In book one, My Sweet Audrina, she struggles with the constant comparisons her father makes between her and her perfect (and dead) sister, also named Audrina. But then something magical happens to Audrina when she sits in her sister’s rocking chair, and she begins to unravel the horrifying truth about her family. 

In the second book, Whitefern, Audrina dares to put the full pieces of her revolting past together to try and live a life or normalcy after escaping from the life full of lies that her father trapped her in. 

My Sweet Audrina (1982)

Whitefern* (2016)

Casteel Series


The Casteel series follows the tragic lives of the Casteel family in the mountains of West Virginia. We start with the perspective of Heaven, a 14-year-old girl, and the oldest of the Casteel children. Through her eyes, the story of the relationship between her and her nefarious father who chooses to sell his children for money is told.

The five-book series explores the many trials and tribulations the family goes through, and shifts from Heaven’s perspective to her daughter’s, and ends with Heaven’s grandmother’s. 

Heaven (1985)

Dark Angel (1986)

Fallen Hearts* (1988)

Gates of Paradise* (1999)

Web of Dreams* (1990)

Fallen Hearts was finished by Andrew Neiderman, while the rest were ghost written by Neiderman. All following books in this list with the exception of Gods of Green Mountain were written by Andrew Neiderman under V.C. Andrews' name.

Cutler Series


The five-book Cutler series introduces us to Dawn Longchamp, who is the 14-year-old protagonist of the story whose perspective we read from. Her family, originally quite poor, gets the opportunity to send Dawn and her brother Jimmy (who she is very devoted to) to a private performing arts school. Dawn feels she’s getting the chance of a lifetime; not only has she wanted to study singing all her life, but she’s also making rich friends, and has caught the eye of a boy who makes her heart dance. 

But nothing lasts forever. Huge secrets about the Longchamp’s family dynamic come out when her mother suddenly dies, and everyone’s lives become incredibly tumultuous across the five-book span. 

Dawn (1990)

Secrets of the Morning (1991)

Twilight's Child (1992)

Midnight Whispers (1992)

Darkest Hour (1993)

Landry Series


Despite not knowing her parents, Ruby Landry lives a simple, happy life in the bayou with her grandparents, albeit not far off from poverty-stricken. She is grateful for everything she has and harbors hope that all will turn out okay, especially when her attraction to handsome Paul Tate blossoms into a mysterious, wonderful love. 

But Paul’s wealthy parents won’t let him associate with a poor Landry with a drunken grandfather, so her grandmother urges her to follow her dreams of becoming a painter, knowing she’ll make enough money to win over Paul’s family. But when her grandmother dies, Ruby is forced to seek her father out by herself, and the lies, madness, and cruel torment Ruby endures while living in his mansion force her to cling to Paul’s memory to keep her heart alive. Only their love can save her now…

This five-part series, in true V.C. Andrews fashion, follows the story of Ruby, Ruby’s daughter, and a prequel to Ruby’s story.

Ruby (1993)

Pearl in the Mist (1994)

All That Glitters (1995)

Hidden Jewel (1995)

Tarnished Gold (1996)

Logan Series


Though Melody Logan knew that her mother wasn’t happy living in the poor miner town they lived in, Melody always felt safe there. But Melody’s love wasn’t enough to keep her father alive after a tragic accident. Abandoning their trailer park home after his death, Melody’s mom and her new boyfriend take off so her mother can become the model and actress she always dreamed of being before getting married and having Melody. 

They drop Melody off in Cape Cod to live with relatives she’s never met: her father’s wealthy brother, wife, and two children. The secrets of the Logan family begin to unravel, among them the realization that Melody’s father was not her biological father. Though she finds friends in her cousins, her other family can barely even look at her. This five-book series follows the story of the Logans and Melody’s desperation to fit into their family. 

Melody (1996)

Heart Song (1997)

Unfinished Symphony (1997)

Music in the Night (1998)

Olivia (1999)

Secrets Series


A two-part series, our story begins with two best friends: Karen and Zipporah. Close like sisters, the two spent endless time in Karen’s attic, sharing stories for hours—high school crushes, dreams to travel the world, and events going on in their lives…including the abuse Karen suffers at the hands of her stepfather.  So when the pair concocts a scheme to put her stepfather in his place, and he ends up dead, it provides one more secret to talk about in the attic… 

And the repercussions of Karen’s actions bleed into the life of her daughter, Alice, in the second book. 

Secrets in the Attic (1997)

Secrets in the Shadows (2008)

Orphans Series


This five-book series follows the stories of four orphans, in order: Butterfly, Crystal, Brooke, and Raven. Butterfly was a lonely orphan who was adopted by a wealthy couple that gave her the chance to do what she always dreamed of: becoming a world-class ballerina. Crystal, a very intelligent girl with a knack for science, found a loving new home with her parents and even a boyfriend at her new school. Brooke was adopted into a wealthy family with a luxurious lifestyle that included every privilege a girl could ever want. And Raven was able to put her painful past behind her when she moved in with her aunt and uncle. 

Each book details the trials and tribulations of their newfound lives and everything that comes from emerging from the foster system. The final book features their meet-up and runaway experience, detailing the goals that each girl hopes to achieve when they finally flee. 

Butterfly (1998)

Crystal (1998)

Brooke (1998)

Raven (1998)

Runaways (1998)

Wildflower Series


This series includes four books focused on one girl’s story, and a fifth book where the four of them finally get together. Each of the four has been the victim of one event or another, but their link is that all of them have suffered from the divorce of their parents, and are required to attend court-ordered group therapy. 

Though they originally met in Dr. Marlowe’s therapy sessions where they bared their souls and met other people who actually understand them, they were sad to think they wouldn’t see each other when the sessions ended. But then they each get an invitation to come to Jade’s family’s mansion, and the girls solemnly swear to tell each other the real truths of their situations. But once the secrets are shared, there’s no turning back. But maybe some secrets should stay buried…

Misty (1999)

Star (1999)

Jade (1999)

Cat (1999)

Into the Garden (1999)

Hudson Series


Featuring some familiar, but nevertheless well-written V.C. Andrews themes, the four-book Hudson series centers around Rain, a young but hard-working girl growing up in the Washington D.C. ghettos with her family. But one night, Rain accidentally hears some secrets that she shouldn’t, and her little family unit falls apart very quickly. 

Sent away to live with her biological grandmother, Rain quickly discovers that they’re incredibly wealthy, and she is enrolled in an all-girls school for the rich. Though she feels out of place in their luxurious world, she gets the lead in the high school play and from there, recruited to join a performing arts school upon her graduation. Rain’s relationship with her grandmother blossoms, and she is even included in the will, much to the dismay of some other family members. But will it all be enough for Rain, who has only ever wanted a place to call home? 

Rain (2000)

Lightning Strikes (2000)

Eye of the Storm (2000)

The End of the Rainbow (2001)

Shooting Stars Series


The first four books in the shooting stars series introduces four different girls: Cinnamon, Ice, Rose, and Honey. Cinnamon daydreams to escape her family’s turmoil, but her talent in the theater may just be the thing that brings her dreams to life. Though Ice is the furthest thing from a social butterfly (much to her mother’s dismay), her angelic singing voice could give her the buzz she’s been looking for. 

Rose, a dancer, uses her craft to stay strong even when her father’s secrets threaten to destroy her life. And Honey, who was raised on her strict grandfather’s farm used her prodigious violin talent to create a new life for herself and a handsome soulmate…but at what cost? 

In the fifth and final installment of the series, all four girls come together at the prestigious Senetsky School of the Performing Arts. All is well at first, with introductions to celebrities, luxurious parties, and guaranteed success, but not all is what it seems. They set out together to unravel the Senetsky family secrets, but what they discover could ruin their lives forever. 

Cinnamon (2001)

Ice (2001)

Rose (2001)

Honey (2001)

Falling Stars (2001)

De Beers Series


Wealth, extravagant parties, and celebrity status were things of a foreign nature, an extreme fairy tale, to Willow De Beers—until she discovers deep family secrets in her stepfather’s diary. On cloud nine, Willow ups and leaves her North Carolina town for the glamorous Palm Beach lifestyle she’s always deserved. But just as she’s getting swept up into the glitz of her new life, she discovers more dark secrets about her family that threaten everything she’s just been given. 

Dark Seed (2001)

Willow (2002)

Wicked Forest (2002)

Twisted Roots (2002)

Into the Woods (2002)

Hidden Leaves (2003)

Broken Wings Series


Broken Wings, another two-part series, starts by following the stories of three girls: Robin, Teal, and Phoebe. They lead very different lives, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’ve been sent to Dr. Foreman’s School for Girls for crimes they’ve committed. 

Midnight Flight details the brutal punishments the girls endure from Dr. Foreman and her cronies. They succeed in turning the girls against each other, but only for a time; they quickly learn that the only way to survive is to stick together. 

Broken Wings (2003)

Midnight Flight (2003)

Gemini Series


Celeste and her twin brother Noble are as close as twins can be, until he dies. In this three-book series, Celeste’s mother forces her to chop her hair off, dress exclusively in boy’s clothes, and take on Noble’s identity because she’s so devastated by the loss of her son. Celeste basically doesn’t exist anymore…until a handsome boy moves in next door and she risks everything to bring herself back from the dead. 

Celeste (2004)

Black Cat (2004)

Child of Darkness (2005)

V.C. Andrews Standalone Novel


Gods of Green Mountain (2004)

El-Sod-A-Por is a planet with two suns, inhabited by strange-looking mortals, and suffers extreme weather that forces its people underground for safety…until the next storm strikes. It’s also home to the Green Mountain, the home of merciless gods. But when a fearless young man, Far-Awn, finds a star-shaped opalescent flower, everything changes. 

The plant becomes a source of never-ending food, and even helps build shelters that can withstand the storms. The people happily live a life of plenty, until an entire city is mysteriously wiped out, and a civil war forces King Ras-Far (Far-Awn’s grandson) to send the strongest men from each province to the Green Mountain to see what the unrest stems from. The King’s only child, the beautiful headstrong Sharita, insists on going as well, and the leader of the quest handsome barbarian Dray-gon originally finds her an unnecessary burden. But the two form an enemies-to-lovers relationship that may be put to the test when they arrive at the Green Mountain and find out that everything they knew to be true is challenged…

Shadows Series


The two-book Shadows series puts April in the one place she never thought she’d be: front and center. April’s older sister Brenda is everything April is not—pretty, popular, athletic, and sure of herself. April is used to being overlooked and even criticized by their father…but he’s been increasingly cruel lately, for reasons unknown to April, Brenda, or their mother. A glimmer of happiness returns when Brenda brings her beautiful roommate Celia home, but misery is waiting for April just around the corner. 

The second and last book in the series continues with the misery that befriended April in the first book. Perhaps if she grows up quickly she can save herself, but in order to do that, she must be true to the one person she has never fully accepted: herself. 

April Shadows (2005)

Girl in the Shadows (2006)

Early Spring Series


Another two-part series, Early Spring details the young life of Jordan March, an elementary-aged girl who lives in her grandmother’s mansion with her parents and brother. As most young children do, Jordan tries to follow her grandmother’s strict rules. But her bodily changes from her precocious puberty puts that in jeopardy, and when the March’s family secrets are suddenly released, it’s Jordan who will pay the price. 

Broken Flower (2006)

Scattered Leaves (2007)

Delia Series


A three-book set, the Delia series focuses on teenage Latina Delia Yeberra and her struggles fitting into a Mexican-American family. After her parents perish in a truck accident outside their small, Mexican village, Delia’s grandmother sends her to live with her wealthy aunt in Palm Springs, California. As if going from a poor, rural life in Mexico to the glitz and glamor of the rich and famous wasn’t hard enough, Delia must also learn to overcome the natural deceit that her new family clings to whenever an outsider—in this case Delia—is in their midst. 

Delia's Crossing (2008)

Delia's Heart (2008)

Delia's Gift (2009)

Heavenstone Series


Semantha and Cassie, the 14-year-old and 16-year-old Heavenstone sisters, live in a big mansion in Kentucky with their parents in this two-book series. Like many sibling dynamics, Cassie is a bossy older sister: she’s always telling Semantha what to do, wear, and how to behave, but it’s bearable…until their mother dies. 

Then Semantha’s life becomes a living hell: Cassie becomes even more controlling, and before long, starts wearing their mother’s old clothes and begins vying for their father’s affections. Semantha must put their sibling rivalry to an end before a new generation is born. 

The Heavenstone Secrets (2008)

Secret Whispers (2010)

Kindred Series


Just because Lorelai’s father adopted her and her sisters when they were infants doesn’t mean they know him. Stern but loving, Lorelai discovers that her father is also a vampire, and he raised his girls to do one thing: lure young men into their world of shadows. 

She never took it literally when her father said “all of you are daughters of darkness,” but perhaps she should’ve, as the sound of a young man’s scream one night revealed to Lorelai exactly why they’ve all been trained in the art of seduction and told never to fall in love. But when Loerlai meets a handsome, charming classmate and chooses to defy her family by choosing love, she’s constantly looking over her shoulder waiting for her family to swoop in and destroy everything she holds dear. 

Daughter of Darkness (2010)

Daughter of Light (2012)

Storms Series


Penniless and living on the street with her mother, Sasha Porter dreams about having a normal life, with a real house and family. But then a tragic car accident kills her mother and hurts Sasha badly enough that she’s taken to the hospital. A wealthy Mrs. Jordan March makes sure Sasha is well-attended to, and even insists on taking Sasha home with her. But Sasha learns in time that Mrs. March has yet to recover from the loss of her daughter Alena; so when she starts sleeping in Alena’s old room and wearing her old clothes, a jealous sister makes Alena’s life a living hell. 

Book two explores the drama Sasha faces beyond the walls of her newfound home–boyfriends, high school shenanigans and the search for a sister that digs up secrets that could tear her family apart. 

Family Storms (2011)

Cloudburst (2011)

V.C. Andrews Standalone Novels, Authored by Andrew Neiderman


Into the Darkness (2012)

Amber Taylor is not just beautiful, she’s also shy and introspective; they’re common qualities of an only child, but are also easily mistaken for being stuck-up and harboring a superiority complex. So Amber lights up when the Matthews family moves into the long-abandoned house next door, and finds that Brayden Matthews is just like her. 

Her long, lonely summer quickly turns into an adventure-filled release as Amber and Matthew hit it off instantly and deeply. But just as quickly as he popped into her life, he goes missing, and the truth she discovers about him will push Amber to the end of madness.


Capturing Angels (2012)

Everyone thinks their child is a perfect angel…but in Grace’s case, she may actually be right. Grace is the doting mother to charming Mary, an angelic five-year-old who charms everyone around her. But one tragic moment at a local shopping mall took Mary from Grace’s side, and now she can’t be found anywhere. 

Grace and her husband wait by the phone for a ransom call that never rings. But eventually Grace’s family and friends give up hope, and her marriage begins to crumble–though she still believes her daughter is out there just waiting to come home to her. The only person willing to help is detective Sam Abraham, but Grace can’t be quite sure of his motives. As they work together to track Mary’s disappearance, the clues they discover suggest that this was no random kidnapping. Perhaps Mary was special to more people than just her mother, after all. 


The Unwelcomed Child (2014)

Elle Edwards grew up believing that she deserved to be raised in the virtual prison her grandparents raised her in. After all, her mother’s sinful ways caused her to be born without a soul–and her grandparents were just protecting themselves from becoming infected with her evil. She knows nothing of the outside world, as her days were spent with homeschooling, strict religious studies, and vigorous housekeeping, though she emerges as a young woman with prodigious artistic talent. 

But a secret, not to mention forbidden, connection she makes with vacationers at a nearby lake–a handsome boy and his precocious twin sister–will shatter her world. Sometimes the truth about your past is best left buried…especially if it threatens to send you to hell. 


Bittersweet Dreams (2015)

Mayfair Cummings has it all: she’s young, beautiful, and brilliant–though her intelligence ostracizes her from both the private school kids she attends school with and the broken family that she hopes to save. But then she catches the attention of both a popular senior and her handsome English teacher, and though it seems like a dream she’ll quickly come to learn that even her intelligence won’t be able to save her from heartbreak or scandal. 


Sage’s Eyes (2016)

Sixteen-year-old Sage is a lonely adopted child whose parents watch her hungrily, as if waiting to see warning signs of…something. Not that she really blames them; she possesses knowledge that other people just don’t. Even she can’t make sense of the things she sees and hears. 

So when Sage finally makes a friend who understands her alarming gifts, he becomes her confidant, and a precarious link to who she really is. The two share many things in common…perhaps too many things. 


The Silhouette Girl (2019)

Pru Dunning has everything she’s ever wanted: a successful boyfriend, a matching successful nursing career, and quite frankly, just a truly comfortable life. But then the voicemails start. 

Scarletta seems to know Pru, but Pru doesn’t know anyone by that name nor does she recognize the silky voice behind it. Confused about this person’s potential identity, Pru begins to investigate. But she must tread carefully; if anyone heard these poisonous, threatening messages, they would think Pru had done something to deserve them. But when Pru suddenly becomes a person of interest in a murder case, it feels like Scarletta’s voice will seep through the phone and destroy her life once and for all. 


Becoming My Sister (2022)

Gish isn’t the only person in Palm Springs who completely idolizes her older sister Gloria; in fact, everyone does. She’s so smart, beautiful, and kind that even their parents compare Gish unfavorably to Gloria. But Gloria has an unwavering love for Gish, and because she wants a happier life for her overlooked sister, she teaches Gish how to talk to boys, embrace her femininity, and overall, develop a life that is all her own. 

But then Gloria meets a handsome, mysterious boy, and becomes so obsessed that she closes off toward her sister, and disappears without a trace. A police search yields nothing. Their father’s manic search yields nothing. And their mother is utterly unhelpful too.  

For the first time in her life untethered by the weight of her sister’s existence, though also missing her love, Gish realizes she could become anything. 

The Forbidden Series


Emmie Wilcox grew up to be an obedient, respectful, outstanding private school student, appreciated much by her Parisian-born mother and strict military-style father. All she remembers about her older sister Roxy is that she was so rebellious that her parents kicked her out when Emmie was six. But despite her major success, Emmie can’t help but be secretly obsessed with being more like her. It’s not so easy to be the good girl all the time…

The first book in the series explores Emmie’s search for her long-lost sister. The second book is Emmie’s story continued, as she must find a way to reinvent herself after her sister’s disappearance. And the series concludes with a prequel, detailing the events of Roxy’s story. 

Forbidden Sister (2013)

The Forbidden Heart (2013)

Roxy's Story (2013)

The Mirror Sisters Series


The Mirror Sisters series is a three-part series detailing the tragic upbringing of identical twins Haylee Blossom Fitzgerald and Kaylee Blossom Fitzgerald. From birth, their domineering mother insisted that everything about them be the same: their clothes, their rooms, and even things like making sure if one twin got a hug or lagged behind in a class, the other would get a hug or pretend to need help in the class as well. 

The two were homeschooled until their mother allowed them to go off to highschool. The first book introduces us to their origin story and their first highschool moments. Book two reveals the horrifying things that happen when one twin is eager for independence and will do anything to get the chance to have it. And book three is the aftermath of a dark memory and the ever-looming fear of knowing that your source of misery isn’t done with you just yet. 

The Mirror Sisters (2016)

Broken Glass (2017)

Shattered Memories (2017)

The Girls of Spindrift Series


A series with a structure unlike the others, the Girls of Spindrift series tells the story of three girls who eventually meet up at Spindrift School, a school for extremely intelligent individuals. Book one introduces us to Corliss, a girl whose intelligence and shy nature makes her different from the other girls at her Los Angeles high school. When a clique of girls try to get her to do drugs with them and Corliss refuses, this prompts a confrontation that ruins her life at school forever. 

Book two focuses on Donna’s story, another gifted girl who is ridiculed for being so. When Donna is blamed for the start of a fight, her counselor recommends transferring to Spindrift. Book three is the first book on the Spindrift campus, and centers around the story of Mayfair, who has befriended Corliss and Donna. 

The three are so well-known on campus that other students call them the Supremes. The three rebelliously go off campus to a bar, and Mayfair becomes enamored with a man she meets there. Choosing to follow her heart instead of her brain for the first time in her life, book four begins with her disappearance and Corliss and Donna’s attempt to find her. 

Corliss (2017)

Donna (2017)

Mayfair's Dangerous Escape (2018)

Spindrift (2018)

House of Secrets Series


Fern and her mother have lived as servants in the Davenport family’s mansion, the Wyndemere House, for her entire life. Though a servant, she was allowed to roam the grounds freely, and actually got along quite well with Dr. Davenport’s son Ryder. But then Dr. Davenport remarries a brutal woman who has a different idea of what servitude should look like. Though she tries with all her might, she can’t break the bond between Ryder and Fern, even when Ryder asks Fern to accompany him to prom. 

This three-book series explores all the forces that try to rip Fern and Ryder apart. And of course, as a V.C. Andrews classic, the third book is a prequel. 

House of Secrets (2018)

Echoes in the Walls (2018)

Whispering Hearts (2020)

The Umbrella Series


After a tragic fire takes Derrick and his daughter Saffron’s home, possessions, and Saffron’s mother Lindsey, the two are to set off and start their life anew. But when Saffron’s father leaves her stranded at a train station while she waits for him to get refreshments and supplies, she’s not sure what to do when he doesn’t return. Until a strange old woman holding an umbrella shows up, and insists Saffron stays with her until her father returns. 

Not knowing what to do, nine year-old Saffron agrees to go with her, but the hours turn into years and Saffron is stuck in the care of the old woman who is sometimes grandmotherly, but other times horribly cruel. The second book in the series details what happens when Saffron finally escapes the old woman’s home and finds her father. Desperate for her father’s love, she tries not to disrupt his new life, but the heartbreak and danger may convince her that she’s better off on her own after all…

The Umbrella Lady (2021)

Out of the Rain (2021)

Eden Series


Short but not sweet, the two-book Eden series centers around Paula Eden, a woman who adopts two children, Faith and Trevor, and decides to homeschool them when she discovers their brilliance. As the children grow they also ache to be more independent. But Paula is desperate enough to preserve her little family that she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the children carry on her legacy. 

Eden's Children (2023)

Little Paula (2023)

Sutherland Series


The Sutherland series is a two-part story centered around Caroline Brady, the daughter of a conservative TSA agent and former military brat, Morgan Brady, and Linsey Brady, a descendant of the Sutherland real estate family. The three attend the wake of their neighbor Mr. Gleeson, and meet his charming daughter Natalie “Nattie” Gleeson, the American ambassador to France. Linsey and Nattie get along very well very fast–so well that it turns into a romantic relationship, leading not only to the demise of Linsey’s marriage, but also to her disinheritance from the Sutherland family fortune. Among many other repercussions, Caroline loses contact with her father following the divorce. 

The second book in the series follows Caroline as she navigates being stuck in the Sutherland family mansion. She’s had few companions under her grandfather’s cruel isolation and is elated when her father reappears in her life, but her father’s new family may not be the family she’s been yearning for…

Losing Spring (2023)

Chasing Endless Summer (2024)