8 Eye-Opening Books About Appalachia

First things first: In the south, it’s pronounced “appa-latch-uh.”

appalachian mountains
  • Photo Credit: Wes Hicks / Unsplash
Sugar Run by Mesha Maren, a book about Appalachia

Sugar Run

By Mesha Maren

Buy The Killing Hills at Amazon

The Killing Hills

By Chris Offutt

Buy Strange as This Weather Has Been at Amazon

Strange as This Weather Has Been

By Ann Pancake

The Ball of Tom Dooley by Sharyn McCrumb, a book about appalachia

The Ballad of Tom Dooley

By Sharyn McCrumb

Child of God by Cormac McCarthy, a book about Appalachia

Child of God

By Cormac McCarthy

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Drowned Boy

By Jerry Gabriel and Andrea Barrett

Buy Allegheny Front at Amazon

Allegheny Front

By Matthew Neill Null