Register for an Exclusive Reading From Elena Ferrante's New Novel

The Lying Life of Adults comes out on September 1.

elena ferrante lying life of adults

On June 9, Europa Editions is hosting a free web event to discuss one of today's most famous authors, Elena Ferrante. Though Ferrante herself will not be participating in the conversation—the pseudonymous author is famously elusive—the panel will include her publishers and translators, celebrity fans, and her English translator, Ann Goldstein.

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The 90-minute conversation will also include a multilingual reading from Ferrante's newest novel, The Lying Life of Adults, which was published in Italian last year and will be released in English this fall. You can register for the event here

Though the event is free, $5 donations are encouraged. Proceeds benefit the PEN America Writers' Emergency Fund, which supports writers with acute financial needs, especially those resulting from COVID-19.