Literary Crafting Books for Creative Bookworms

Express your love for stories with these fun book-inspired projects.

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  • Photo Credit: Featured photo: Nick Casale / Unsplash

Oftentimes, readers find books that end up making a huge impact on them—stories with intriguing plots that have characters they instantly fall in love with and make-believe worlds they wish they could travel to. 

Sadly, we as a society have yet to figure out the technology involved to transport ourselves into our favorite stories, but what we can do to show our respect and appreciation for beloved novels is to make crafts based on the stories we adore! 

Here is a list of books that will allow you to create crafts that you can display and admire whenever and wherever you would like. Happy bookish crafting!

Lit Stitch

Lit Stitch

By Book Riot

Lit Stitch will allow you to choose from many different bookish cross-stitch patterns that you can use to decorate your walls, your workspace or even your books by creating lovely literary bookmarks. Most designs are beginner-friendly and can be accomplished in a few hours. So, what are you waiting for? Get to cross-stitching and take pride in your nerdy-bookish side!  

knits for nerds, a literary crafting book

Knits for Nerds

By Toni Carr

Have you ever wanted to sport Hermione Granger’s secret beaded bag from the Harry Potter series? How about a cozy shrug inspired by the Lord of the Rings

This craft book provides thirty amazing clothing and accessory pieces inspired by tv shows, films, comics and, of course, books! Not necessarily into knitting Hobbit feet slippers? No problem, this book also includes instructions on how to create more practical items like an e-reader cover and laptop bag. 

playing with books, a crafting guide

Playing with Books

By Jason Thompson

Some readers can’t fathom the thought of breaking a book’s spine or, what is said to be one of the worst book offenses…dog-earing a page! But for readers who enjoy expressing their creativity by repurposing old, beloved books, these craft suggestions are for you. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deconstruct old books to achieve stunning art pieces made from book pages. Have fun experimenting with bookbinding, woodworking, and origami to create your own unique book art. You’ll be able to display your finished works in your own home or gift them to another book lover!   

the repurposed library, a literary crafting book

The Repurposed Library

By Lisa Occhipinti

Have fun with a whopping thirty-three projects, ranging from a vase to a Kindle “Keeper” that you can use when you want to feel as if you are holding a physical book while enjoying a story from an e-reader. The Repurposed Library will show you how to utilize both the book’s cover and pages to construct DIY projects that any book lover will appreciate. 


The Storytime Craft Book

By Kathy Ross

Maybe you’re a teacher who wants to engage your students with hands-on projects, or a parent who wants to bond with their child while crafting. Or maybe you just love fairy tales and nursery rhymes and want to heal your inner child by spending your weekend building storytime crafts. 

Whatever may be the case, this craft book is chock-full of fun project ideas based on 80 of the most beloved children’s songs, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and stories for your crafting pleasure! 


Literary Yarns: Crochet Projects Inspired by Classic Books

By Cindy Wang

Have you ever loved a book character so much that you wish you could reach straight into the book and plop them beside you so you could have a new literary bestie—no? Just me? 

Well, regardless, this book will teach you the wonderful Japanese art of amigurumi, or the knitting of cute yarn buddies. Included in this collection are directions on how to crochet the most precious yarn characters from 25 classic novels, plays and storybooks, including Elizabeth Bennet (Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice), Anne Shirley (Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables), and White Rabbit (Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). 

But beware—you might just find your room taken over by these adorable little reading companions before you know it!

Featured photo: Nick Casale / Unsplash