14 Free Printable Bookmarks to Brighten Up Your Books

This is a DIY project anyone can do.

free printable bookmarks

Whether you're looking for a kid-friendly project, want to test your own DIY skills or are just tired of using whatever is lying around to mark your page, these printable bookmarks are here to save the day. We've rounded up the 14 best designs on the internet and even added our own printable bookmarks to download—whatever your style, from simple black and white to cute animal bookmarks, there's something for every kind of book lover on this list.

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Bookmark Printing Tips

Printable bookmarks can be an incredibly simple project—just print on regular paper, cut, and go—or you can put in a little extra care to make a bookmark with a longer shelf life (pun intended). All of the suggestions below work with a regular inkjet printer.

1. Print on cardstock for a sturdier bookmark.

2. Print on glossy photo paper for a slick look. Note—don't use this if you want to color in your bookmark.

3. Use regular printer paper, then glue your bookmarks to construction paper to make them more sturdy. This is an especially cute look for kids' bookmarks!

Early Bird Books Quotable Bookmarks

free printable bookmarks with quotes about reading

We've made two versions of these printable bookmarks with quotes about reading—one that's already colored in, as seen above, and one in black and white.

Star Wars Printable Bookmarks

free star wars printable bookmarks

These adorable Star Wars printable bookmarks will keep you from losing your place—even if you're in a galaxy far, far away.

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Pretty Printable Bookmarks

free printable bookmarks

These free printable bookmarks are simple yet elegant—we love the navy and pink flower and heart designs. Keep calm and read on!

Gemstone Printable Bookmarks

gemstone printable bookmarks

Tired of standard rectangle bookmarks? Add a little luxury to your reading with these printable bookmarks designed to look like gemstones.

Cute Cat Printable Bookmarks

cat printable bookmarks

You knew we had to include at least one cat design. We love the way the cats peek over the pages in these bookmarks!

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Owl Printable Bookmarks

owl printable bookmarks

We've got more animal bookmarks—these bookmarks with owls have a gorgeous feather design. If you ask us, they'd make a great DIY gift for your book club friends.

Inspirational Quote Printable Bookmarks

printable bookmarks with inspirational quotes

We could all use a little inspiration—why not get an extra dose from these bookmarks?

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Disney Printable Bookmarks

free printable bookmarks with classic Disney characters

These watercolor-style bookmarks with classic Disney characters are undeniably nostalgic—and there are free printable bookmarks with more modern Disney characters, too.

Dinosaur Bookmarks

printable bookmarks with dinosaurs

Budding paleontologists and adult dino-lovers alike are sure to think these bookmarks are roarsome

Children's Book Quotes Printable Bookmarks

printable bookmarks with children's book quotes

Book lovers both young and old will treasure these classic children's book quotes. Get the printable bookmarks here.

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Marble and Gold Bookmarks

printable bookmarks with marble and gold designs

If you prefer something a little more grown up, these on-trend printable bookmarks feature stylish marble and gold design elements.

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Rustic Flower Printable Bookmarks

printable bookmarks with rustic flowers

Channel your inner Martha Stewart with these rustic bookmarks featuring potted plants and loose flower stems in warming earth tones.

Black and White Flowered Bookmarks

free printable bookmarks with black and white flowers

You can keep these patterns simple, or add some color to these flowered bookmarks.