The Best Book Club Gifts to Surprise Your Friends

Who doesn't love presents?

presents being wrapped with lilacs

Whether your book club is arranging a gift exchange or you're just in the mood to surprise your friends with the perfect present, these literary-inspired gifts go beyond the obvious book club gift ideas (like books and wine) so you can give something special. From "novel" tea bags complete with cute quotes to a literary board game everyone can enjoy, these are the best book club gifts.

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Little Bird Wine Bottle Stoppers

bird wine bottle stoppers, a good book club gift

Perfect for keeping your wine from getting oxidized while you're debating which Elena Ferrante novel to read next, a good wine bottle stopper is both cute and functional. Plus, these little birds come in a set of six—for a small gift, you can give one to each of your book club friends.


liebrary board games for book lovers

Keep the book club party going with Liebrary! If you're familiar with Balderdash, you'll understand the rules pretty quickly. Each card contains the title, author, and summary of a real book. One player knows the real first sentence of the book, while everyone else must invent one. Points are awarded for guessing the correct sentence, and for crafting a first sentence that other people vote for.

If you have a virtual book club, you can still adapt this game to play on a video chatting app like Zoom. Whoever is the "host" of the meeting can read the descriptions on the cards, while other players can use the chat function to privately send their sentences to the host.

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Metal Feather Bookmarks

27 Pieces Feather Metal Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a little like hair ties—we're always losing them. That's why we're confident your book club friends will appreciate receiving a few of these gorgeous metal bookmarks. The whole pack comes with 27, so you can hand out a few to each member, and keep a few for yourself, too.

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Insulated Travel Wine Glasses

travel wine glasses, a great book club gift

We love these travel wine glasses—they're durable, they're pretty, and they're versatile. Whether your book club prefers to sip tea or something a little stronger, everyone will enjoy having a drink from one of these tumblers. And as a bonus, they're ideal for outdoor, socially distanced book club meetings.

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I'd Rather Be Reading: Literary Stationery

literary stationery to gift

Each one of these 20 notecards comes with an envelope and a card with a bookish image or quote—you'll have the perfect card to give any lit lover, whether they prefer fantasy books, romance, books about nature, or even cookbooks.

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Novel Teas

novel tea, a good gift for book clubs

Everyone in your book club will love a steaming hot mug of tea complete with a great book quote. Each one of the 25 tea bags is individually wrapped and includes its own book quote, making this a perfect gift to divvy up among your friends, or give to one person who really loves tea and books. 

Jane Austen Coasters

jane austen coasters, a good gift for book clubs

The beautiful coasters are designed to look like vintage covers of all six Jane Austen books. We're sure any Austen lover would enjoy receiving the whole set, or you can give out one to each member of your book club—think of it like the classier version of a friendship necklace.

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Stylish Cotton Face Mask

stylish face masks, a great book club gift

Planning a socially distanced book club meeting? Surprise everyone with their own stylish face mask! If you can, meet outdoors and pick a book club book that's perfect for quarantine (something not too dark, too long, or too boring). Then get ready to have a great book club discussion—and look good doing it.

Leaf Book Sleeve

leaf book sleeve

An adorable book sleeve can protect your friends' books, ereaders, and more! You can find all sorts of patterns, but this leaf book sleeve really grew on us.

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