The Best Book Club Books for Summer 2020

Stay cool with these hot reads.

woman reading summer book club book
  • Photo Credit: Thái An / Unsplash

The Book for Thrill Seekers

the last flight by julie clark

The Last Flight

By Julie Clark

The Book for Modern Lit Lovers

Buy Bailey's Cafe at Amazon

Bailey's Cafe

By Gloria Naylor

The Book for Movie Buffs

Buy Sophie's Choice at Amazon

Sophie's Choice

By William Styron

The Book for Pulitzer Prize Readers

Buy The Keepers of the House at Amazon

The Keepers of the House

By Shirley Ann Grau

The Book for Dickens Lovers

The Book for Lovers of Historical Fiction

The Book for Romantic Comedy Lovers

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By Penelope Fitzgerald

The Book for Fans of Family Sagas

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Miss Burma

By Charmaine Craig

The Book for People Celebrating Pride Month

Buy Mr. Dalloway at Amazon

Mr. Dalloway

By Robin Lippincott

The Book for People Who Need Some Joy

Buy The Most Beautiful Book in the World at Amazon

The Most Beautiful Book in the World

By Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt