7 Cute Books Sleeves to Protect Your Favorite Reads

We don't want no scuffs.

cute bibliophile book sleeve

Every book lover knows that feeling: you’ve picked a perfect, brand new book off the shelf. The dust jacket is soft and smooth; the pages are crisp; the spine gives a satisfying crack when you open it for the first time. And while there’s something charming about the signs of an oft-read book—rumpled pages, creased book covers, even a small stain or two—sometimes we want to preserve that new-book patina for just a little longer.

Lucky for you, keeping that book pristine doesn’t necessarily mean letting it languish on your shelf. Fabric book sleeves allow you to toss your book (or even an e-reader!) in your bag along with the rest of your belongings, without fear of scuffs or crumpled pages. Below are a few of the best book sleeves on the market. Each one is adorable and affordable, and a great gift for a book lover

Foxy Book Sleeve

fox book sleeve

This medium sized book sleeve measures 10 x 8 inches, so it's large enough to fit any ereader and most hardcover and paperback novels up to 600 pages. Plus, the vibrant pattern features foxes in a forest setting—what's not to love?

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Leaf Book Sleeve

leaf book sleeve

Plant lovers know there's nothing trendier than monstera leaves—and we'd be lying if we said this pattern wasn't growing on us, too!

Narwhal Book Sleeve

narwhal book sleeve

It's hard to resist this whimsical book sleeve! Marine lovers and Elf-fans will both be extra appreciative of this gift.

Llama Book Sleeve

llama book sleeve

Bringing your book on the go is no prob-llama with this funky and functional book sleeve! The sturdy canvas will keep your beloved novels safe from open pens, crinkled pages, and whatever else your bag might throw at it.

Friendly Ghost Book Sleeve

friendly ghost book sleeve

Adorable ghosts hover all over this book sleeve, making it perfect for people who wish it were spooky season all year round.

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Fall Patterned Book Sleeve

fall patterned book sleeve

This oversized book sleeve is covered in fall leaves and measure 8.5 x 11 inches, meaning it can hold extra large books. It also comes with an extra pocket, making it easy to slip in an extra novel, notebook or even your phone.

Book Nerd Book Sleeve

book nerd book sleeve

This bibliophile book sleeve has an extra pocket for you phone, pens, and anything else you'd like to protect, so you can keep your favorite belongings—and your ereader!—even safer.

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Featured image via Book Beau