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What’s the Best Ebook Reader For You? Here’s Our Ereader Review

We did the research so you don't have to.

There are a lot of great ereaders on the market today—kindles, nooks, kobos—but which one is the best ebook reader for you?

Turns out that’s a trick question. It depends on which bells and whistles you need and which you can live without. There’s e-ink if you like reading outdoors and built-in backlights for reading in bed at night. There are basic ereaders that fit about 300 books, and ones for the power reader that hold up to 3,000 titles.

We’re ebook lovers here at Early Bird Books, so we’ve got you covered with a list of readers that we think are the best ebook readers around for each category.


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The Overall Best:

Kindle Oasis
ereader Kindle Oasis
There are a lot of Kindle readers of various generations, but the Kindle Oasis is the best. It’s kind of amazing, but it’s hella expensive. It’s the lightest (4.6 oz.), thinnest ereader yet, comes with a leather charging cover and can hold a charge for 9 weeks. But it’s also the most expensive Kindle yet, ringing in at a steep $289.99. The light is adjustable so you can read in direct sunlight or in the dark, the display is high resolution, and it includes dedicated page turn buttons as well as the standard Kindle touch screen… so it’s simply the best ereading experience money can buy.

But, if you’re thinking money could also buy a slightly less incredible reader for a lot less money, we’re also big fans of the Kindle Voyage.

It’s also an amazing, high resolution, intuitive ereader. If you don’t mind a slightly heavier reader and can do without the charging cover, it’s somewhat less pricey at $199.99.

Buy the Oasis on Amazon.
Buy the Voyage on Amazon.



The Coolest:

Nook Glowlight Plus
ereaders Nook Glowlight Plus
The biggest advantage Nook has over the Amazon reader is that they make a waterproof model. Would you like to have a relaxing read in the tub? A quick skim in the shower? The Nook Glowlight Plus is just as easy to use as a Kindle, but it’s Nook’s waterproof model. It weighs slightly more and doesn’t run as smoothly as the Kindle operating system, but it’s got all the bells and whistles of the best dedicated ereaders for much less than a comparable Kindle or Kobo at $129.99.

Buy it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



The Cheapest:

Amazon Kindle 2016
ereaders kindle 2016
We get it. You want to save your money to binge-buy actual books. Fear not. The best bargain for dedicated ereaders is the Amazon Kindle 2016. It’s basic e-ink, no backlight, but it’s still a library in the palm of your hand for $79.99. If you’re really looking for a bargain, there are also plenty of earlier model kindles that are in perfection condition and only need new caring homes.

Buy it on Amazon.



Options for Kobo Lovers:

Kobo Touch 2.0
ereaders kobo
Unlike the basic Kindle, the basic Kobo comes with a touch screen for only $10 more ($89.99).

Also unlike Kindle, Kobo fans have the option of a waterproof reader. Comparable to the Nook Glowlight Plus, the Kobo Aura H2O also has an adjustable backlight and water and dustproof design, but with a larger screen (6.8 in) and a slightly higher pricetag of $179.99.

Buy it on Amazon.

There! We have imparted our expert knowledge of the ereading world, so now it’s time to fill your digital library and embark on your ereading adventures. Personally (we’re biased), we recommend signing up for Early Bird Books so you can load up your ereader with classics and bestsellers without breaking the bank.


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Published on 21 Nov 2016

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