How to Read eBooks Without an eReader

If you're reading this, you can read an eBook!

person reading ebook on a laptop

Ereaders are probably the most enjoyable way to read eBooks—our favorite ereaders offer tons of storage, the ability to take notes, and have screens that look just like paper—but plenty of people get by without them. Whether you’re looking to save money or save the environment, there are plenty of ways to read ebooks with a device you already own. 

Virtually anyone who has a device with internet access can easily download books to read online. Here’s how.

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1. With a tablet.

the ebook the color purple on a tablet

Because of their shape, tablets are the second best choice to specialized eReaders. They’re easy to hold while you’re sitting and roughly the same size as a book. With a tablet, you can easily read in a regular web browser, or download the Apple Books or Kindle app.

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2. With a computer or laptop.

reading ebooks on a laptop

If you don’t have a tablet, no worries—your regular computer will work just fine as an eReader, too! And just like on a tablet, you can read on a browser (don’t worry—the ebook will still be formatted to look like book pages), or in a specialized app.

3. With a smartphone.

person reading ebook on iphone

While some people find reading on their phone to be too tedious, as the screen is so much smaller than a regular book, it can definitely be done! (You may want to test out your tolerance for this by reading a free short story on your phone.) 

Phone reading may even be preferable for those of us who prefer to read in small doses. Pro tip: Turn off banner notifications while you’re engrossed in your new favorite book.

Where to Get eBooks

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