How to Get Free eBooks

You don’t have to resort to illegal downloads in order to read for free.

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As book lovers, we’re constantly on the hunt for the next novel or nonfiction work we’re going to fall in love with—and it’s always a bonus if we don’t do too much damage to our wallets when we stock up on reading material.

There are plenty of book deals to be found across the internet, but nothing beats free! Of course, we always want to make sure we’re not stealing from authors when we download free eBooks. With that in mind, here are four legal (and easy!) ways to fill up your eReader without spending a dime.

1. Check out your library

This one feels obvious, but many people don’t realize their library lends out copies of eBooks! To see if your local library offers eBooks, go to their website. 

You don’t need to worry about going anywhere to borrow or return books, either—with services like Libby or Overdrive, you’ll be able to download the book directly to your eReader, or even read in your browser if you don’t have one.

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2. Search for websites that offer free eBooks

Many public domain titles can often be found for free as eBooks, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a version with easy-to-read formatting. By finding free eBooks on a publisher’s website, you can be sure you’re getting a copy without lots of typos and spacing issues.

You can find more contemporary books for free, too—sometimes authors will agree to offer one of their books for free, to help generate interest in the book or get people hooked on a series.

Plus, sometimes companies offer free eBooks as a thank you for signing up for their newsletter.

3. Get a free eBook when you review a book published by Open Road Media

Yup—you can get free books by reading other books! Open Road Media will send you a free eBook whenever you click the link provided in another book they publish. Learn more about this deal here.

4. Check out which books are being offered for free on Apple Books and Amazon

Both Apple books and Amazon offer lots of titles for free each month, and each allows you to search for free titles. Apple makes it a little easier by giving you an entire category of free books to browse, while on Amazon, you’ll have to filter by category and then sort by ‘Price: Low to High’ to find eBooks that are completely free. 

Pro-tip: Use the ratings filter to make sure you’re seeing the best free eBooks you can get!

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