7 Book Christmas Ornaments We'd Hang Up Anywhere

There's always room for one more ornament.

library book christmas ornament

Though some people have very curated Christmas trees, with matching ornaments and perfectly placed lights, we love a Christmas tree that's filled with personalized decorations. From classroom crafts to treasured trinkets that have been passed down for generations, or baubles that show off favorite hobbies and characters, the best ornaments make decorating a tree one of our favorite holiday traditions.

Whether you have a yearly tradition of buying an ornament for yourself, or are looking for the perfect gift for a book lover, these novel Christmas ornaments (pun intended) are an excellent idea. 

S'mores Book Lover Ornament

smores book christmas ornament

We never realized how much a s'more can look like a snowman until we laid eyes on this adorable ornament. Bonus: because this ornament has a flat bottom, it can also be displayed on a shelf or desk.

Book Club Snowman Ornament

snowman book club christmas ornament

Looking for a gift for your book club friends? This cute snowman will be the perfect addition to any book lover's tree—and an adorable memento of your time spent discussing novels.

Customizable Santa and Rudolph Ornament

customizable santa rudolph book christmas ornament

The year and message can be customized on this too-cute ornament depicting Santa reading a story to Rudolph. We're guessing they're reading The Night Before Christmas—or maybe one of these Christmas books for adults

The World Is a Book Ornament

book quote ornament to gift

If you're looking for a more modern book Christmas ornament, you can't go wrong with this geometric style! We especially love the classic Saint Augustine quote: "The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only one page."

The Book Was Better Ornament

the book was better christmas ormanet

Die-hard book lovers will appreciate the way this ornament gets right to the point, though we do have to admit that this sentiment isn't always true.

Library Due Date Orament

library due date card christmas ornament

Everyone has that friend who would live in the library if they could (or maybe that friend is you). This is the perfect book Christmas ornament for that person.

To Kill a Mockingbird Book Page Ornament

tkam book christmas ornament

If you want a truly unique Christmas book ornament, head to Etsy. Multiple sellers, like noveladornment, hand make Christmas ornaments like the one shown here. This ornament is filled with pages from To Kill a Mockingbird, and you can also get ornaments filled with pages from Gone With the Wind, Dune, and tons of other popular books.

If you can't find the book you're looking for—or if you're feeling crafty—you can pretty easily make these ornaments yourself. Just get a set of clear packable ornaments, cut out your favorite lines, and curl the page strips around a pencil before packing them in the ornament.