5 Reasons to Celebrate National Read an Ebook Month This March

We love more reasons to read!

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National Read an Ebook Month is celebrated every March, thanks to one woman named Rita Toews. An author and avid reader, Toews approached her local library in 2004 about creating Read an Ebook Week. Since then the idea has spread, and now we celebrate with a whole month!

Whether you're already an ebook lover or you've never read one before, we've put together 5 great reasons for you to participate in National Read an Ebook Month.

1. Reading books is good for you, in any form.


We all know reading is good for your brain, and that includes reading ebooks. Studies show reading supports more complex brain function, helps you live longer, and can help you sleep better—and the benefits don't stop there

So if you've dropped the ball on your January reading resolution, this is a great reason to get back in the habit.

2. You can download an ebook almost anywhere.

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As long as you have an internet connection, you can download an ebook—even from a library! That's right—there's millions of books right at your fingertips, no shipping time or delivery fee required. Just another reason to love living in the 21st century.

3. You can finally read that book everyone's been talking about.

court of mist and fury ebook

Whether it's the novel all your friends raved about, the next book in your favorite series you've been meaning to get to, or a recent prize winner that sounded intriguing, March is the perfect time to scratch that title off your TBR list. 

4. Or indulge in a guilty pleasure read.

ereader guilty pleasure

Whether your idea of a just-for-fun read is a trashy romance novel, action-packed thriller, or hair-raising suspense book, hey, you're still reading! Bonus: if you're using an ereader, no one else can see the cover.

5. You don't even need an ereader to read an ebook!

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That's right—ebooks aren't just for ereaders! While ereaders are usually the best way to enjoy an ebook, ereading apps are available for your phone, tablet and even web browser, so you can enjoy all the benefits of ebooks from a device you already own.