The Booksellers Documentary to Hold Virtual Screenings on April 17th

Support local theaters and the antique book business from the comfort of your own home.

the booksellers virtual screenings feature

For all the fellow book lovers out there—particularly those with a passion for old and rare texts—the recent documentary The Booksellers is a must-see. Of course, as movie theaters across the United States have closed their doors because of coronavirus and many of us are tucked away in our homes self-isolating, watching new documentaries isn’t as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, The Booksellers documentary is having a series of virtual screenings this April.

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But what exactly does a virtual screening entail? Like many newly released films that were pushed out of theaters, The Booksellers is going to be offered on Video on Demand services. However, upon rental of the film, a portion of the proceeds will benefit specific independent theaters across the country. But if you miss out on the 17th, fear not, because the documentary will also be available for streaming nationwide on June 5th.

On a surface level, The Booksellers gives viewers a look at a variety of interesting antique books, such as The Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci, books bound in human flesh, or even fascinating early documents of hip-hop. But this documentary also offers an inside look at the culture of rare, valuable, and antique texts and the people who collect, sell, and preserve them. These dealers and collectors are often eccentric people, but they are also historians maintaining a vital part of human culture. As the documentary unfolds the labors of their love, it also gives insight into what the future may hold for the business of books.

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Check out the trailer for The Booksellers below, and find out which theaters are participating in virtual screenings here.

Featured image of "The Booksellers" via Blackletter Films