9 Must-Read YA Booktok Books 

Haven't you heard? Booktok is all the rage.

booktok they both die in the end legendborn the summer i turned pretty

If you’ve been online in the last month, then you might have encountered a little hashtag called #BookTokMadeMeReadIt. Short for “Book TikTok”, this rapidly growing community is continuously connecting lifelong readers, while also welcoming the next generation of book enthusiasts who are known to passionately share their current reads. They even go so far as to film themselves crying while reading a book! And it is that same unrepentant enthusiasm that has driven BookTok recommendations to go extremely viral.

So, what has BookTok been reading lately? Here are some of the most widely raved YA books on the platform. Check them out! Maybe you’ll also be inspired to make a TikTok about these fantastic titles.


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

By Benjamin Alire Sáenz

When it comes to hard-hitting tearjerkers, look no further than this award-winning novel. It follows two Mexican-American teen boys who are trying to find their individual place in the world, but before that, they first find each other. And what they find is a deep friendship unlike any other.

Highly acclaimed for its beautiful prose and masterful characterization, this coming-of-age story delves into the experiences of being closeted, wanting to come out, and rising above deep-rooted societal stigma.


Daughter of the Pirate King

By Tricia Levenseller

What’s better than a fierce, bad-ass female protagonist? One who happens to be a sassy pirate captain who’s determined to outwit her roguishly handsome captor.

This YA fantasy novel offers a swoon-worthy romance and swashbuckling adventure, wrapped up in a thrilling hunt to find fabled treasure. Overall, a great pick if you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced reading experience!

the cruel prince, a popular book series for teens

The Cruel Prince

By Holly Black

At a young age, Jude and her sisters are whisked away by the fair folk to live in their treacherous High Court. And despite her glaring mortality, Jude is determined to earn her place there. Even if it means actively defying Cardan, the young, detestable, and wicked fey prince.

Having built a dedicated fandom since its year of publication, this YA faerie series has been widely loved for years. And it seems that many Booktokers feel the same way, with many of them strongly connecting to its characters and finding themselves engrossed in the ensuing enemies-to-lovers romance.

a good girl's guide to murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

By Holly Jackson

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder is one of the most hyped YA mystery books, and it begins with the brutal murder of a schoolgirl. The case was closed five years ago, with Sal Singh as the alleged culprit. But aspiring journalist Pippa Fitz-Amobi is not convinced that her boyfriend did it, so she decides to reopen the investigation as her senior capstone project.

Following a buzzworthy crime and told in multimedia formatting, this book is bound to entertain fans of Nancy Drew and true-crime podcasts.

best friends to lovers romance books


By Alice Oseman

For avid fans of graphic novels and comics, Heartstopper is a delightful series that follows two gay teens, tight-shouldered Charlie and soft-hearted Nick, as they become good friends and eventually find love.

From the bright artwork to the adorable characters, it’s easy to fall enamored with this story while finding warm joy and comfort in all the feels. If the beautiful book cover isn’t enough to convince you to pick it up, then you might be interested to know that Heartstopper was recently adapted by Netflix!

the inheritance games, a popular book series for teens

The Inheritance Games

By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

In this bizarrely compelling YA mystery, a poor orphaned girl is set to inherit a dead man’s billion-dollar fortune. The catch? She must move into the Hawthorne House and solve convoluted puzzles alongside the disgruntled Hawthorne grandsons, who aren’t too pleased about being left out of their grandfather’s will.

Reminiscent of Knives Out with a fun Cinderella twist, this is an electrifying romp into a dysfunctional family and a world of wealth and privilege.

illustration of girl with magical glowing arms


By Tracy Deonn

For fans of contemporary fantasy, Legendborn is a secret society of magic wielders whose powers can be traced back to their ancestors, who just so happen to be King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Yep, that King Arthur.

Weaving mythical tales into a highly urbanized setting, this YA debut offers relevant social commentary and striking depictions of generational trauma and grief, all while creating an inventive fantasy world that will keep readers captivated.

the summer i turned pretty, a book like to all the boys i've loved before by jenny han

The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jenny Han

Like many YA contemporary novels, this book follows a teenage girl – one who measures her life in summers – and the growing complications of her life, especially when teenage guys are involved.

For readers wanting to relive the nostalgic magic of summer vacations, Jenny Han’s sophomore novel is a prime candidate for your TBR! While I’ve seen a mixed reception towards this title, I still think it might do the trick if you’re in the mood for a love triangle that's cutesy, silly, and brimming with youthful drama.

a thousand boy kisses by tillie cole

A Thousand Boy Kisses

By Tillie Cole

Former childhood sweethearts to second-chance lovers, need I say more?

The story begins with seventeen-year-old Rune’s return to his hometown where he is endlessly reminded of his past with Poppy, the girl who broke his heart years ago and is fiercely guarding a secret that can destroy him for a second time.

Cover of 'They Both Die at the End' by Adam Silvera

They Both Die at the End

By Adam Silvera

As the title suggests, this notorious tearjerker of a novel follows two young boys who are informed by the Death-Cast that they each have 24 hours left to live. Brought together by an online app, Mateo and Rufus meet up for the first and last time, and hand in hand, they embark on one last great adventure.

Hauntingly evocative and deeply thoughtful, this is a character-driven piece of speculative fiction that explores the line between life and death, between living and merely existing.