8 Books About the War in the Pacific

Read your way through WWII with these true stories of blood, sand, and saltwater.

USS Yorktown is hit by a torpedo in the battle of midway, part of the pacific war in wwII

December 1941: Pearl Harbor

Buy Miracle at Midway at Amazon

Miracle at Midway

By Gordon W. Prange

August 1942-February 1943: Guadalcanal

Buy The Thin Red Line at Amazon

The Thin Red Line

By James Jones

Buy Guadalcanal Diary at Amazon

Guadalcanal Diary

By Richard Tregaskis

November 1943: Battle of Tarawa

June-Jul 1944: Battle of Saipan

Buy The Battle for Tinian at Amazon

The Battle for Tinian

By Nathan N. Prefer

October 1944-August 1945: The Battle of the Philippines

Buy Pacific Interlude at Amazon

Pacific Interlude

By Sloan Wilson

February 1945: Iwo Jima

Buy Flags of Our Fathers at Amazon

Flags of Our Fathers

By James Bradley