Reading Through History: The Battles of World War II

We are history nerds—and proud of it.

Enemy at the Gates World War 2 History
Buy Shanghai 1937 at Amazon

Shanghai 1937

By Peter Harmsen

Buy Sunday in Hell at Amazon

Sunday in Hell

By Bill Mcwilliams

Buy Miracle at Midway at Amazon

Miracle at Midway

By Gordon Prange, Donald Goldstein and Katherine Dillon

Buy Guadalcanal Diary at Amazon

Guadalcanal Diary

By Richard Tregaskis

Buy Enemy at the Gates at Amazon

Enemy at the Gates

By William Craig

Buy Tanks in Hell at Amazon

Tanks in Hell

By Oscar Gilbert

Buy The Far Shore at Amazon

The Far Shore

By Edward Ellsberg

Buy The Battered Bastards of Bastogne at Amazon

The Battered Bastards of Bastogne

By George Koskimaki

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