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16 Books by Irish Authors You Don’t Want to Miss

The Emerald Isle has given us U2, Guinness and, most importantly, gifted storytellers.

by Greta Shull

9 Works of Poetry About Love and Healing

Poetry connects us and proves that we are not alone in our suffering.

by Greta Shull

11 Cozy Mystery Books Set in Bookstores

Bookstore-themed cozy mysteries for the literary super-sleuth.

by Greta Shull

Step Inside the White House With These Entertaining Reads

Learn what really goes on behind those closed Palladian doors.

by DeAnna Janes and Greta Shull

11 Books by Black Authors You Must Read Now

These books by black authors are an essential part of the literary canon.

by Greta Shull

12 Michael Chabon Books You Won't Be Able to Put Down

The Pulitzer winner has 12 more books that'll feed your literary appetite.

by Greta Shull

Who Was Nat Turner?

The Facts Behind The Birth of a Nation Movie

by Greta Shull

6 James Herriot Books All Animal Lovers Should Read

It's impossible to read James Herriot without smiling.

by Greta Shull

Meet Vincent Price’s Best Friend: Joe the Dog

Get to know Vincent Price's softer side in his memoir of his beloved dog, The Book of Joe.

by Greta Shull

Short but Sweet: 9 Must-Read Classic Short Stories

Sometimes the best things come in small packages.

by Greta Shull

10 Top-Notch Works of Journalism

Get your knowledge on with these groundbreaking works of journalism.

by Greta Shull

Why Reading Einstein is Easier Than You Think

He's one of the most brilliant men in history – and one of the most fun to read. See why.

by Greta Shull

11 Sexy Books That Stimulate Your Brain

Get turned onto books that mix humor, philosophy—and, yes, sex.

by Greta Shull

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